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FROM JUNE 13, 1906 TO (SUNDAY AUGUST 28, 1916)

One Year Ago

What stars have faded from our sky!

What hopes unfolded but do die!

What dreams so fondly pondered oer,

Forever lost the hues they wore!

How like a death knell sad and slow,

Tolls through the soul, "one year ago."

Where is the face we loved to greet,

The form that graced the fireside seal,

The gentle smile, the winning way,

That blessed our life-path, day by day?

Where fled those accents, soft and low,

That thrilled our hearts "one year ago!"

Ah! vacant is the fireside chair.

The smile that won, no longer there;

From door and hall from porch and lawn,

The echo of the voice is gone.

June 13, 1906. Started working for the Hamburg Bremen Insurance Co. of Hamburg and Bremen. Mr. Wirtz.

Feb. 9, 1907. Left Hamburg Bremen Ins. Co.

June 1, 1907. Started to work for the Southern Pacific R.R. Co. Mrs. Corman, Peterson, William Pearson, Jack Ward, John Heaney, Adolph Postal, George Brainard, Mr. Gaffney, Don Roberts, Mr. Moris, Miss Evelyn Connors, Mrs. Milliken, Mr. Scott, Allen Nicklas, Mr. J. Mote, E.E. Mote.

November 30, 1907. Left S.P.R.R. Co.

December 7, 1907. Left San Francisco for Ashland Oregon. Had a very nice comfortable ride through picturesque northern California on the road of a thousand wonders and also through the mountains of Southern Oregon.

Dec. 8th, 1907. Arrived in Ashland Oregon. It looks to be a very nice town built on the hill side with a few houses in the valley but mostly large fields on which they raise alfalfa and corn. There are quite a number of orchards as this is a great fruit raising country. The hills back of the town are covered with trees of different kinds there are the pine, fir, oak, madrone and manzeniti. Stayed at Mr. Piersons house until Monday Dec. 9, 1907.

Dec. 9: 07. Jim and I went down town in the morning and had some furniture sent to the house that he had hired the month before. It is a very nice house of 7 rooms on Oak Street. The roads are quite muddy from recent rains which makes it hard for the horses. Main St. is the business street which runs in two different directions East and West, North and South going south on Main St. brings you into the Boulevard which goes to the Normal School about two and a half miles from the Post Office which is on E. Main St. The Normal grounds are very pretty with quite a number of flowers of different varieties. There is a municipal water supply which supplies water throughout the city at reasonable rates. There is a very pretty Park at the foot of Ashland Canyon known as Chautauqua Park. The Creek runs through the Park and is shaded over with trees which makes it very pretty in the summer when the sun shines through the trees.

Feb. 08. Moved to a four room cottage a few doors above on the same street. It is quite a cozy place with very pretty wallpaper and fixed up very nice. Took a walk over some hills with Stanton Rice and met some people by the name of Cherry which seem to be very nice people. This is a small valley between two hills covered with quite a bit of Manzenit's and Madrone.

March 8, 08. Moved to a house about two and one half miles from town and just back of the Normal School. It is a house of seven rooms five rooms down stairs and two up stairs. There are Eighteen acres of land with it, and about four acres in fruit apples, peaches, apricots, plums and crab apples. About three quarters of an acre for a vegetable patch and three acres in wood such as Pine fir and Madrone trees and manzenita bush which is a very nice fire wood. The house has a large fire place which when burning makes the dining room very nice. The dining room is very large and also the parlor and kitchen the bed rooms are rather small. This place at one time was a brick yard which spoiled quite a space of land on account of taking the dirt for brick. There is an old shed still standing that they used to dry the brick under. All the brick was hand made some of the moulds are still in the shed. There is a barn on the place which is about ready to fall down it is all braced up with wire which is fastened to a tree to hold it together. There is a man named Placetone who lives just back of us who has a very nice place with quite a number of fruit trees on his property. In front of us and a little to the right is Mr. Mow's place which is a nice place of two acres there are two entrances to our place one through the Normal School grounds and one from a street which runs into the Boulevard.

April and May and April 08. Planted potatoes squash and cucumbers and beans in vegetable patch and radishes onions lettuce peas and beans in an enclosure around the house.

July 4th 08. Ruth arrived from San Francisco Jim and I went to meet her in our buggy had a very pleasant ride to the depot. Was very glad to see Ruth as I have not seen her in seven months.

July 08. George came up from San Jose and stayed with us a few days and had a pleasent time with him went to town every evening while he was here and enjoyed ourselves very much in town as it is summer here.

July 08. George left for San Jose it is rather lonesome without him.

July 10 08. Ruth and I took a trip up Ashland Canyon. It was a very nice trip traveling along the creek wich we crossed quite a few times. We went up the creek about four miles and took off our shoes and stockings and waded in the water which was very cool as it is a mountain stream coming from Ashland Butte which is always covered with snow. We returned during the afternoon.

July 16, 08. Mamma left Ashland to go to San Jose on account of her health. Ruth left with her. Jim and I returned to the house wich was very lonesome with out mama there to meet us when we returned but we made the best of it.

July 18, 08. Started work on Mr. Taverner's house. Mr. Tavener is a very nice man and came here from England with his wife and two children Doris and Jerreries.

July 22, 08. Jim and I moved to the place where we were building Mr. Taverner's house. We took the horses with us and a man by the name of Carl Weran let us turn them loose in a green patch he had along a small creek that runs all the way through the canyoon or valley where we were. Mr. Weran son was a very nice man by the name of Carl he was very talkative and we had a very nice time with him. We also became acquainted with some people by the name of King who treated us very nicely. Mrs. King baked our bread and furnished us with eggs and Mr. Taverner furnished us with milk and so we had some very nice meals by doing our own cooking. We also made the acquaintance of a Mr. Nelson and his three daughters who owned an Ice cream parlor and candy store they were very nice to us and we passed many a pleasant hour in their store.

August 31, 08. Jim and I went to Medfore to sell the horses and wagon had a very nice time and took some pictures of the town. It is a very nice town of three thousand people and they seem to be very pleasant and like to be out. There are quite a no. of rich people there that keep the town agoing. It has a very nice resident district and also a nice business entre and some nice schools. We sold the horses and wagon and then hunted up a place to stay for the night.

Sept. 1, 09. Returned to Ashland on the morning train. As tomorrow I will leave for San Jose and will see mama again after a long wait.

Sept. 2, 08. Left on the morning train for San Jose. It is very nice passing through the forest as we are now going over the mountains. I can look ahead from here and see the track a few hundred feet below us where the train will pass after awhile. The trees through here are all green and look very pretty. Now passing the point that could be seen from above. I can now see Mt. Shasta in the distance the train turns and twists so that it can be seen from one side and then again on the other side and some times it is behind the train. It was so crowded at Shasta Springs I did not have a chance to get any of the water.

Sept. 3. 08. Arrived in the Oakland mole and crossed over to S.F. stopped in at the Southern Pacific and saw my old friends that were there when I worked there they were very glad to see me. Went to lunch with Heaney and Postal and enjoyed it very much. Left S.F. on the 2 oclock train for San Jose. Arrived in San Jose at 3:50 P.M. and went right out to N. Eighth St. and saw mama I was very glad to see her and she was glad to see me.

Sept. 4, 08. Returned to S.F. to see papa and Jerusha and others stayed a little over a week and then returned to San Jose.

Sept. 12. Arrived in San Jose and had a very nice time for about two weeks and then started back to S.F.

Sept. 26, 08. Arived in S.F. and started to look for work. Worked for Gelmartin Co. for a while and then went to work for Brunt on Jesse Street worked there until 1909 then wend to the Janssen Lithogravure Co. Run by Jack Daly, Geo. Seager and Willie Pierre. Left Janssen in July and shortly after went to work for J. M. Torres.

July 3, 09. Went to San Jose to see mama and Jim.

July 4th 09. Mama Jim and I were Baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints by Elder N. Mirkley. Since then I have felt like a different person knowing every thing I do I can now meet any one face to face and feel that I am as good as he. This is a good Church to be a member of as it is the true Church built up in these the last days never to be torn down or be given to another people.

November 21:09. Mrs. Ruegg and her children papa and I went to the Berkeley University and climbed to the letter "C" made of concrete and on a hill back of the university. After our trip we had lunch at Fishers Restaurant on Washington Street Oakland and then crossed the bay and went up to meeting.

Nov. 25. 09. Went to San Jose and spent Thanksgiving with mama and Jim. Had a very nice chicken dinner. They were living on Latewana St. Returned on the 26th.

Novem. 27, 09. Moved from 3825 17 Street to 32 a Mars Street.

December 10:09. Ruth, papa, and I went to the new Alcarzar Theatre and saw a play entitled "A Message from Mars."

Dec. 12:09. Walter Schulz and I went across the bay to see Dolly and Miss Carolyn Cyr. Also Nettie and Joseph and Lester. We stopped in Lehnhardts Sweet Shop and saw Tiny and Maud Gish and talked with them quite awhile.

December 22:09. Jerusha, Gertrude, Walter, Earl, Curt, papa, Ruth, Evan, and I went to the Christmas party given by our Church with a dance after. It broke up at 12 O'clock.

Dec 24. Ruth, Nettie, Lester, Joseph and I went to San Jose to spend Christmas with mama and Jim. George was there also. Joe gave mama a watch and chain and I gave her a pair of earrings. Ruth gave her a box of cold cream, George gave her a seat in the Theatre Jose for Wed. afternoons.

Dec. 28, 09. Papa and I went to a Christmas party given by Trinity M.E. Church and heard the little ones speak and sing.

Dec. 31; 09. Went to Princess Theatre and saw ("Kolb and Dill in Africa") Gertrude, Court, Earl, Davie, Johnny and Theadore. After the Theatre was out Papa and I went down Market Street and then went through China town and returned to Market St.

Jan 1:10. 12:30 A.M. We went into the Palace Hotel and sat down and listened to the music.

Jan. 15:10. Papa and I went to the St. Francis Hotel at Powell and Geary Streets.

Jan 26:10. Papa and I went to the Cliff House Beach to see a Comet which was visible at that time we arrived at the beach about 6:15 P.M.

Jan. 27:10 Papa Evan Ruth and I went to the beach to see the Comet. It was brighter then the night before. It was the most beautiful comet seen in years. It had a tail on it 100,000,000 miles longs.

Feb. 5; 10. Papa Rutn and I went to a party given to Elder Anderson at the Mission house on Baker Street. There wree quite a number there including Miss Lucy Dietz, Miss Leah Heytes, Miss Nettie McElvany, Mrs. McElvany, Mar and Miss Carr, Elders Ramsey Covengtons, Christensen Bird, Van Wagner, Bro. Hugh R. Wolley, Erwin Peoples, Dobbins, Oscar Tudor, Davis, Davis Sister Howard, Lucille and Mrs. Dunbar, Miss Bessie Hale of Wisconsin.

Feb. 6; 10. Attended Priesthood Meeting and was suggested as a Deacon of the church.

Feb. 10; 10. I was Ordained Deacoon of the Church by Elder Christensen.

Feb. 15; 10. Miss Bessie Hale was here to visit us and went up on twin peaks and afterward had supper with us and then returned to her place where she was staying.

Feb. 16; 10. Papa, Ruth and I went to a lecture given in the theatre of the Mission Grammer School by Prof. LeBreton.

Feb. 17; 09. Papa and I went to Mutual Im. Assn. and met Bro. Christensen Young and Joung. There were a few Bros. from across the bay.

Feb. 19; 10 Sunday. Went to San Jose to see Mama and Jim and helped Jim put up part of the ceiling in the kitchen and stayed until Feb. 22. 7.30 P.M.

Feb. 27; 10. Papa and I went to meeting in the morning. There were several visitors here from Salt Lake. Went to see Joseph Nettie and Lester in the afternoon returned in the evening and went to meeting saw Bishop Pratt of the 13th Ward in S.L.C. and Bros. Barton, Jones, Williams of S.L.C.

March 6; 10. Sunday. Papa and I went to meeting in the morning and attended Priesthood Meeting had lunch and went to the beach and walked through the Golden Gate Park. Returned to Fillmore St. and then to meeting. It was noted at the P.H. Meeting that the Deacons should pass the Sacrament the same as they do in Salt Lake City.

Sunday March, 13 '10. Papa and I went to meeting in the morning and from meeting we went out to Lands End. Met Theodore, Emma, Curt, Walter, Gertrude, Gerhard, Helmutt, Jerusha, Johnny and Albert and Anna and Clara (10 yrs.) three cousins from Wisconsin. Walked from Lands End around to the Cliff House and from there we went to Jerushas house and stayed awhile and then we all went down to Aunt Emmas house and stayed there until 10:30 and arrived home about 11:15. We met a young man there by the name of Henry Hartunge who works for the Edison Display Co.

Thursday Mar. 17; 10. I met papa and Joe at the Call Building and stayed there a while and then Joe left us to go and look for work. Papa and I took the North Beach Car and started for the Presidio about 1:00 P.M. Arrived at the Presidio about 2:00 P.M. We went to the Barracks in Tennessee Hollow and met Oscar Tudor and Bro. Dobbins and Mr. Meeting. we stayed there awhile and after promising to return we started out to look around and see some of the guns. We took a shortcut from the Barracks which brought us to the Parade Grounds and crossed the Grounds and followed a road right in front of us and after awhile turned to the right around by the Cemetery and in a short time were to the machine shops a couple of small brick buildings one on each side of the road. A short distance from here we left the road and made a short cut through the woods and came out on a road just as some men passed with quite a number of mules which they had just rounded up. Just ahead of us and off from the road was a look out house most of it below the surface of the ground. There was a small part of it above the ground with a window in one corner of it extending a few feet each way from the corner and only a few inches high set back quite a little so the bullets could not get in it and kill the watchman. There was also one just ahead of it built in the same way but with a larger window. We followed the road on around from here and passed in front of some guns we could see them up on top of the high embankment put there to hide them from the ocean. We went on around and came to a narrow path and followed it. (it was to the left of the main road) in the distance we saw some men working on some camcon (cannon?) in there thew (?) were just constructing. We qent quite close but not too close as we did not want to get put out. After returning to the road we noticed two soldiers on horseback ride down a narrow road to the opposite side of the main road. We followed them, and going a short distance to the right we noticed a tunnel of concret leading through an embankment we went through and ahead of us we saw another and also several ahead of that so we returned to the road and followed it a little way and saw a small power house with one dynamo and a gasoline engine to run it. A short distance from these was another building larger and just being constructed which looked like it might be a new power house as it had a large smoke stack. We went on from here and cut around and saw some new barracks just being built on the mission style. We went through the field from here and came on another road and after wakling a short distance we found ourselves back of a fort with four Mortars in it they were all pointed upward as also were four others we saw a little while later. They are used to shoot up in the air and drop the shell on a vessel out in the strait. They are entirely hidden from the ocean as there is a high embankment in front of them. From here we retruned the same way to the barracks and saw the boys and had the dinner which they were so anxious for us to eat with them it was very nice and plenty of it too. After dinner they commenced to get ready for the parade which is held on every Thursday. A buglar came along and gave the call for them to get ready to form then after awhile he returned and gave the call for them to march over to the Parade Grounds where they formed the band was at the lower end and marched up and then returned then after awhile they played the Wearing of the Green as it was St. Patricks Day. Then later the men marched down one side and across the end and up the other side to the barracks. When the flag bearer passed us we took off our hats until it had turned the corner of the grounds. Evening after the Parade we went home and got Ruth and went to a party given by the Relief Assn. of our Church to celebrate the anniversary of their organization. There was a large crowd there as is always expected it was very nicely conducted by the ladies they had a programme aranged with refreshments after. Bro. Colton was there with his wife and also others.

Sunday. April 3. 10. Aunt Anna, Uncle Albert, Jerusha, Clara, Curt, Walter Theodore, Johnny papa and I went over to (Berkeley) University of California Grounds and spent quite a little time looking at the plants at the U.S. Experimental Station and had our pictures taken under a monkey puzzle tree. We went on to the Greek Theatre donated to the University of W. R. Hearst. We left Theodore and Johnny here and went up on a hill back of the grounds that has a large letter "C" on it erected by the Students it is made of concrete and sets in the ground similar to the foundation of a house and can be seen from the bay on a clear day. We returned to the Greek Theatre and heard a music recital given by the pupils of Mrs. Marriner-Campbell. After that we walked around Berkeley and saw the pretty residences there and then returned to the city.

Monday, April 4:10. In the evening Aunt Anna and Uncle Albert, Clara, Jerusha Gertrude Earl, Evan Ruth, Mrs. Mills papa and I had a dinner at our house 32 Mars St. and enjoyed it very much they stayed until Eleven o'clock and then started to Sunnyside.

Tuesday April 5:10. I went out to Sunnyside to see the folks there before they left of home.

Wednesday April 6; 10. Papa and I went down to the ferry building to see Albert Anna and Clara. I went across the bay with them to see them off and papa went home. Jerusha, Johnny, Theodore, Emma and Erwin were tere also. They left on the 9:00 o'clock train intending to stop at Central City for one day and then continue on to DeForest, Wis.

Wednesday Apr. 13:10. Mama came up from San Jose and stayed until Friday and then returned.

Sunday Apr. 17:10. In the morning papa and I went to Sunday School and I gave my lesson on Christ's Ministery at Capernaum. After the classes came together papa and I left and went to a Buddhist mission and heard them speak. They were greatly opposed to Christianity.

Tuesday, Apr. 19:10. Home Telephone put in by the H. T. Co.

Saturday Apr. 23:10. I went down to San Jose to see Mama and stayed over Sunday.

Tuesday Apr. 26:10. A party was given to Elder Christenson at the Mission House by the Saints. There were short speeches given by the Elders and Brethern. Elder Christensen was presented with a ring by the Bro. and Sis. of the Branch.

Sunday May 1:10. We held our conference at Oakland this year papa and I attended, there were a great number of San Fran. Saints over there and there were large attdendences at the three meetings the room being nearly full in the morning and full in the afternoon and evening.

Sunday May 8:10. Attdnede Sunday School and Meeting in the morning. After meeting Theodore (Rugg) and I went out to the Presidio we met Oscar Tudor on our way out there and stayed with him the rest of the day. About 4:30 we went up to the Barracks and had supper with the Soldiers.

Wednesday 11:10. Papa and I went to the Chutes as it was Macabee Night and we wanted to see them in their play entitled "The Private Secretary."

Thursday May 12:10. I went to the graduating exercises of the Zane(?) Hospital with Miss Paulseth the superintendent. Halleys Comet which has been seen by the astronamers for the last six or seven months has now been visible to the naked eye for a little over a week. It is a very beautiful comet but is not as large as the last one but is very beautiful. Halley's Comet is scheduled to sweep the earth with its tail i.e. the earth will pass directly through the tail of the comet what effect this will have upon this earth is not known as the astronamers are all of a different opinion about it. It is claimed that the comet contains sodium and cyanoge and acetalyne gases in that respect it will have a deadly effect upon the earth. But at the distance the comet is from the earth I do not believe they can positively state what the tail contains by looking at it. And the astronamers have a very kene scent if they can smell these gases etc. as the comet is about 90,000,000 miles away from the earth according to their (the ast.) calculations. The comet is due to pass the earth about May 18 and then we will have the pleasure of knowing the effect it will have upon the earth.

Saturday May 14:10. I went to San Jose on the 9:00 o'clock A.M. train to see mama. When I arrived at the house Ruth was there. Ruth was spending the week in S.J. to see Mama and the Rose Carnival they were having there. In the Evening Mama, Jim, Ruth and I went uptown to meet George and to see the parade. On our way we met Mr. Fordice and wife so they went with us to meet George. We stopped between First and Market Streets intending to see the parade. After waiting there a short time another of Jims friends came along by the name of McKenzie he had his daughter Edith and his son Kenneth with him the boy was about 7 yrs old and the girl 12. We all stayed together for the rest of the evening. And then we went home to bed and had a good sleep....

Sunday May 15:10. Ruth and I returned to S.F. on the 6:30 train from S.J.

Tuesday May 17:10. Our Mutual Improvement Assn. Meeting night was changed from Thursday to Tuesday. Papa and I attended this first meeting. There were not many there and some of those who were on the programme were absent.

Sunday May 23:10. Papa Ruth and I met Jerusha, Johnny, Theodore, Anut Emma, Walter Curt and george Musgrave at the Ferry Building S.F. and started for Diamond Canyon in Oakland. At the entrance to the Canyon we met Aunt Libbie, Florance, and the two children Ben and Harry Lee Oliver (Buster) and also Julia a friend and Mary Silver a young lady who takes care of the children for Florence. We walked up the Canyon and after quite a bit of walking and climbing we arrived at a spot that just suited us so we stopped and had our lunch. After lunch we separated and walked around. Walter and I went up the Canyon and met Ruth, Jerusha and papa and returned with them. On our return we found that the rest had returned also. A little later Walter Mary and I walked down the Canyon and returned by the road. When we started for home papa Ruth and I left the others, and went to see the Kays and Joseph. We stayed there late enough to see the Comet which was rather bright considering the moon was shining. We did not feel any bad effects from the comet when we passed through the tail i.e. if we did pass ;through the tail.

Tuesday May 24:10. Papa and I attended Mutual. There were quite a few people there including two returned Elders from the Hawaiian Is. on their way home and two Brothern with them natives with them. The Elders spoke to us in English and also in the Hawaiian Language. We also had three songs sang in Hawaiian two of which were "O My Father" and "We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet."

Sunday May 22:10

Saturday May 28:10. I went to Jerusha's and had supper. Earl and I went to the Orpheum. Stayed all night. Earl and I went to meeting in the morning we also went to Oakland and stayed a short time and then returned about four o'clock.

Monday May 29 '10 Decoration Day. Earl, Erwin and I took the bicycles and went to Mountain View Cemetary and met the folks. From there we went to Trestle Glenn as the Oakland Saints had a picnic there. We left there at four o'clock and arrived home (Jer.) about seven o'clock. In all we rode a distance of about 25 miles.

Saturday June 11:10. I went out to Jerushas and Earl and I took a motor that Johnny brought home. We found that it would run as a dynamo and so used it as such to run a small motor.

Tuesday June 14:10. George returned from Sacramento and stayed two days at Joes house in Oakland.

Saturday 2, 1910. Went to San Jose to see mama there was some people (i.e. the owners of the house and their children) spending their vacation there they were Mr. and Mrs. Robb and Hazel, Byron and a cousin by the name of Myra. They are very jolly people and we had a pleasant time.

Monday July 4th 10. I left San Jose to return to San Francisco.

Tuesday July 19, 1910. I was sustained as Secretary of the Y.M.M.I.A. in Bro. Hugh Woolleys place he was the first Secretary of the mutual organized here this year.

Monday July 25, 1910. Attended a dance given by the Church to celebrate Pioneers Day. July 24th is the regular day but as it came on Sunday we had our dance on Monday the 25th. Pioneers' Day is the day that the Pioneers from Nauvoo arrived in the Great Salt Lake Valley after a great many hardships.

Sunday Aug. 7, 1910. Papa and I attended Sunday School and meeting in the morning. After Meeting we went to the G.G. Park Museum and spent over an hour there looking over the different collections from various parts of the world. In the evening we attended meeting and Pres. Robinson was there and spoke to us for an hour and twenty minutes.

Saturday Aug. 13: 1910. Earl and I went to the Chutes on Fillmore Street especially to see an act entitled Electra or the human Dynamo a man who chaimed to take 1800 volts through his system he caused a spark about three inches long to come from his fingers and also his tongue also making an arc light by holding one carbon in his mouth and an assistant hold the other. He also sat in an electric chair and was not harmed any.

Sunday Aug. 14. 1910. Earl and I went to Sunday School in the morning and after Sunday School we went across the bay to Berkeley and then to the Univ. of Calif. we stopped at the Greek Theatre and from there we went up on the hill behind it to the big C on it. We found a well worn path and followed it. After walking a short distance we met a gentleman who told us that the path led to two peaks on Little Grizzley the other big Grizzley a short distance from there we came to Little Grizzley in the distance we saw Big Grizzley so we kept on until we arrived at Big. G., here we met a young man who is kept there as a watchman to report any grass fires and also to fight them. He told us he came from Maine and had only been here a short time. We stayed here awhile and talked. At 4:20 we left and caught the 6:00 o'clock train for S.F. I left Earl at 6th St. He went home and I attended meeting an Elder who just returned from Japan spoke to us and told us some very surprising things about them. Elder Taylor.

Tuesday Aug. 16th 1910. Primary Election Day. Earl and I met Papa and went on board the "Tenyo Marie" a Japanese steamer leaving for Japan. We saw some very surprising things on board. In the Evening Earl and I went to Mutual. During the day we fixed up the house in the rear so both of us could sleep in an upper bunk which we built.

Sunday August 28. Earl and I attended Sunday School (for the last two Sundays Aug 21 and 28th they have had me as Act. Secty. on account of the absence of the Sec. In the morning. After Sunday School we went to Berkeley to attend an Adventist Camp Meeting we enjoyed it very much but returned at four o'clock arriving in S.F. or rather at Jerushas at 6 P.M. I stayed there all night and returned in the evening of the 29 to our "house on Mars." Mr. and Mrs. Penzen were there with their children Verna, 11, Esther and Harris the Baby.

Friday Sept. 2, 1910. The Ladies of the Relief Soc. held a package party this evening and it turned out to be a success they collected over $13 in all and we had a very pleasant time they also served refreshments.

Saturday Evening Sept 3 '10. Papa and I were invited to a surprise party given at Sister Brooks house. When we arrived the following were present: Pres. Swanson, Bro. Wolfinger, Sisters Annie Collins, Lizzie Collins, Jessie Martin, Georgie Wolfinger, Elizabeth Paulseth, Clara Speck, Florence Hill and Irene Brooks. Bros. the others under the picture on oposite page. After talking while and choosing partners wer adjourned to the dining room and enjoyed a very pleasant and enjoyable repast in celebration of Bro. Boglers Birthday.

Here appears a group picture of the party with this description underneath:

1st row C.S. Heermance, Sr. Hill, Elders A. V. Nelson, N. W. Merkley, Sr. Romie Collins, Bro. Brooks, Hadley R. Heermance. 2nd row from rear Wallace Martin, Sr. Jessie Martin, Bro. Wolfinger, Sr. Paulseth, Pres. J. Swanson, Bro. Bogler in whos honor the party was give. 3d row from rear Sr. Clara Speck, Bro. W. Speck, Sr. Brooks, Mr. Weeks of England. Sr. Irene Brooks, Sr. Jesse Martin, Sr. Wolfinger, Elder John Van Wagner, Elder Bud was also there taking the picture. This is a flash light taken at the Brooks home on McAllister St. S.F.

Monday Sept. 5, 1910. Earl and I left Sunnyside and started on a walk in the Berkeley Hills on arrival in Berkeley we started up through the University Grounds. We passed the "Big C" on the hill in the Grounds. Then over by "Little Grizzley" on "Big Grizzley Peak" then we followed a trail that finally we lost altogether then we followed the ridge and in a short time we dropped down to the tunnel road. Through the tunnel to the car line and then home.

Monday Oct. 3 1910. Sister Ruegg gave a party to which most of the Saints were invited.

Tuesday Oct. 4, 1910. The Mutual was re-organized. One Ossn. for the Ladies and one for the men. Bro. Chas. Carr Pres. Bro Winn 1st Coun. H.R. Heermance 2nd Coun.

Wed. Oct. 5 1910. A party was given at Sister Randolphs house . Papa and I attended. Quite a number of the Saints were there and spent a very pleasant evening. Sis. Randolph and family were intending to leave for San Jose.

Sat. Oct 22, 1910. Our Semi Annual Priesthood Meeting was held at Mission Hdqts. 724 Broderick at which the following were present:

Sunday Oct. 23, 1910. The Church of J.C. of L.D.S. held their Semi Annual Conference in S.F. Bros. Robinson was here to take charge as usual and also Apostle David O. MacKay.

Mon. Oct. 24, 1910. The regular dance that follows conference was held.

Oct. 26, 1910 Wed. A Party was given by the Y.M.Y.L.M.I.A. at the Mission house 724 Broderick St.

Oct. 31, 1910 Monday. Halloween Party given by Bro. Winn at his residence. This was the first Halloween Party I ever attended.

Tues Nov. 1, 1910. Mutual was held at reg. place I was asked to take charge of the Young Mens Class.

Tuesday Dec 20, 1910. Our Christmas party was given at our regular Sunday meeting Hall at 925 Golden Gate Ave. S.F. Jerusha Helmutt and Ruth Papa and I were there.

Friday Dec. 23, 1910. I went to San Jose to stay Saturday, Sunday and Monday with Mama. Mama had been spending a few days up here and so I went with here when she returned Sunday Morning we went to Sunday School and met some of the brethern and Sisters who I had not seen in quite awhile.

Thursday Dec. 29, 1910. Papa and I met Bro. Bogler at the Y.M.C.A. and attended the Bible Class that bro. Bogler is a member of. We met Mr. Esdon the teacher of the class who said he remembered when Joe went to school there several years ago. We enjoyed the study very much and expect to return.

Sunday Jan. 1, 1911. President Robinson and family are visiting here. Sunday afternoon we held the monthly Priesthood Meeting I was called on by the Presiding Elder to speak for a short time. In the Evening President Robinson spoke to us on his travels with Apostle David O. McKay and Mc.Muren and also on the gospel taking up about an hour and one half. He spoke about us being able to become so that we could pass through solids with out any harm to ourselves or to that substance through which we passed as the Savior if we remember, after his resurrection (for we could not do such a thing in our mortal state but it would come after our passing from this life of mortality) appeared before the Apostles when they were in a building showing that he must have passed through the building somewhere to be able to appear in their midst so suddenly.

Monday Jan. 2, 1911. Joseph G. Heermance and Earnest Charters came over early and asked to join them in a walk through Golden Gate Park to the Beach and from the Beach to the Presidio which we accepted and enjoyed the walk very much. New Year day falling on Sunday it was celebrated by a holiday Monday this accounting for us not working this day as I have a lesson next Sunday and Papa one for the Mutual tomorrow evening we returned early so as to have time to study them.

Jan 16 1911 Monday. I commenced wearing glasses on account of trouble started by my eyes.

 Feb. 20 1911. Having been quite busy since Jan 2. I have not kept up to date and cannot remember the dates of some important happenings I will state them with out dates. Jan 25 1911 Wednesday Myrtle Page married a young man by the name of Young and went east. One Sunday Pres. Roginson and Apostle Ivans visited Oakland therefore there was not any meeting in S.F. Papa and I went to Oakland and heard a good talk by both the Apostle and Pres. Robinson.

Friday Feb. 17, 1911. The Y.L.M.I.A gave a party which was carried on very nicely by the young ladies and all things were done neat and orderly. All enjoyed themselves and left feeling quite happy.

Sunday Feb. 19, 1911. Papa and I went to Sunday School together papa went away early so as to go to a party given at Belmont to Mrs. Anchor and Husband. I stayed throughout Sunday School and Meeting. Bro. Greene was there as he was visiting here he was called on to speak to us. I had dinner at Ruth's house and spent a very pleasant afternoon there returning in the evening to meeting there was a brother by the name of Jones who spoke to us for a short time. Bro. Greene spoke again for 55 minutes.

Wed. Feb. 22. Worked half a day and the other half I helped Evan and Ruth tear down their shack in the rear of their new house. In the evening we went to the Nickleodeon and saw some moving pictures. Mr. Mills died about 12:15 A.M. Thur., Feb. 23. The Allens from Selma that is Mr. and Mrs. Allen and their daughter Susie came up for a visit.

Friday Mar. 30 1911. The Mutual Assns. gave a Box Lunch party which afforded us a grand time.

Sunday Apr. 2. 1911. Sunday Morning Bro. Brim who was visiting in the city spoke for a short time. I was called on to pronounce the Benediction. In the evening Bro. Eccles from Ogden spoke to us. His speaking took up the full time.

Monday Eve. Apr. 3, 1911. Ruth and I attended a farewell party given to Elder Crocket of Oakland which was held at the Oak. Mission House where we had a very enjoyable time with the Oak. Saints. Leah Keytes was there and all the San Francisco Elders were there also.

Saturday Apr. 29, 1911. I attended the conference Priesthood Meeting held at the Mission House in Oakland. There were 35 present including eight local brethern Pres. Robinson and the rest were Elders fullfilling Missions in this Stake. The Meeting lasted about 7 hours.

Sunday Apr. 30. 1911. Papa had to work this day so I had to go to conference alone but I met Theodore Ruegg at the ferry and he and I crossed the Bay together. The Morning session lasted two hours in which Bro. Goddard Pres. of the Bureau of information in Salt Lake City spoke and also Pres. Robinson. I went to lunch with Mrs. E. W. McKinley and Bro. and Sis. Martin. We ate our lunch in Chabot Park which is about a block from the meeting place in Oakland. The afternoon session lasted from 2 'till four. And the evening from 4 'till 10. Which time was spent very enjoyable listening to the remarks of the Elders and hearing the doctrines of our Savior.

Saturday May 13, 1911. Left J. M. Torres Printer 509 Sansome St.

Sunday May 14, 1911. I was with Earl in the morning he and I went to Sunday School and Meeting. After Meeting we returned to Sunnyside and did some wireless experimenting and went to a wireless telegraph station about two miles distant from Earl's home the operator invited us in and we learned and saw a few things about wireless telegraphy which were very interesting.

Friday June 16. 1911. Commenced memorizing the Book of Psalms.

Saturday June 17, 1911. Mrs. Susie Dalles (Miss Susie Flagg) a cousin and her husband Homer Dalles and baby Ruth Dalles came from Omaha Nebr. with Johnny Schulz who just returned from a six weeks visit in the Middle West. Johnny brought a young man from Wisconsin whose name is George Reed.

Thursday June 22, 1911. I went out to Sunnyside to see Jerusha and Susie etc. and had a very nice time. Earl and George and myself experimented with a telephone from the basement to a small house in the rear of the lot.

Tuesday July 4, 1911. Picknic was held in G.G. Park quite a number of Saints were present - from Oakland May Woodward and her Sister Clara and Amy Nelson, Elder Woodward.

Thursday July 6 1911. Ruth and I started from S.F. in the morning for San Jose we stopped over at Palo Alto and had luncheon and then visited the Stanford University and found the grounds very beautiful some of the buildings were in ruins being left so from the earthquake of 1906. We took some pictures and then started for S.J.

Sunday July 9, 1911. Ruth and I attended Sunday School in the morning and saw Elders Woodward, Pond, Wilkenson, and Henry John. Iin the evening we went to a spiritualist meeting.

Saturday July 15, 1911. Ruth left for S.F.

Saturday August 1911. I went up to S.F. to stay a few days saw Ruth and papa Mrs. Mills and Evan that night I stayed at Jerushas and also Sunday night.

Monday August 1911. I met Joe and went with him to transact some business and then left with him on the 9:00 o'clock train for Suisun and spent two very pleasant days with him he made me a present of a genmetal watch and a nickel chain which I was very much in need of.

Tuesday August 1911. Returned from Suisun and attended mutual at S.F. All were glad to see me as also was I glad to see them.

Sunday August 1911. I went to Sunday School and President Pierce and Wife and daughter Minnie were visiting here Pres. Pierce spoke to us. I returned from San Jose and started looking work in S.F.

Sunday Nov. 5, 1911. We got up a large party and all went to Lands end and gathered star fish. Thre were Jerusha, Johnny, Walter, George Reed, Martin Vroman, Theodore, Aunt Emma, Ruth, Evan, Mrs. Mills, Edna Sweany, Emma Bewley, Mrs. Bewley, Mr. Bewley, Mrs. Kays, Papa and myself.

Monday Nov. 6, 1911. Papa died about 2.00 a.m. from

Wed Nov. 15. 1911. Went to work for the United Railroads. I worked for them about nine months and feel that it was a good experience for me altho the associates were not of the best. The work was alright as long as I aws on the extra list but when I worked up to a steady run I could not stand it as I had all night work and did not get home until 2 a.m. every morning and had to get up at eight to get ready to go back again. I sometimes slept 2 hours in the afternoon as I had 4 1/2 hours off but the hours were too broken to suit me so I resigned on Aug. 31, 1912.

Sat. June 15, 1912. William Stewart Bill Meyers and Hazel Allen came up from Silma Eal.

Thursday June 10, 1912. A crowd of us went to Idea(?) park. Had our pictures taken and had a good time.

Saturday June 22, 1912. Emma and her Brother-in-law returned to Selma, their home.

Sunday June 23. Edson B. and Bill Meyers returned to their home.

August 31 1912. Resigned position with the U.R.R.

Dec. 28, 1914 (Date of writing). Once more I take up my pen to make a new start in trying to keep up this poor book. After leaving the U.R.R. I took a two weeks trip to Selma Cal. with Geo. Reed and had a very nice vacation returning by way of San Jose where I stayed with my Mother for a short time. On Oct. 11, 1912 I went to work for the Sierra and S.F. Power Co. at Alviso where they put in 29 Steel towers fifty feet high covering a distance of four and one half miles. I stayed there until February and then returned to S.F. where I tried to find work but found it impossible so in March 1913 Earl Schulz my cousin and I started on a motorcycle trip through the San Joaquin Valley. We had a fine trip stopping when and where we pleased. Two days at Los Gatos, one day at Newark with Edgar, three days at Los Banos, one night at Fresno and next in Selma where we came to a Standstill. Earl stayed about a week and I finished the season staying until the first of October. Worked at farming also in the Libby McNeal(?) and Libby Cannery and also in the packing house with Howard Allen who I chummed with most of the time in all I spent a very pleasant Eight months in lines of work all new to me but very interesting for a change. After returning to S.F. once more I had a great many pleasant days and evenings with Emma Burley who had left Selma the month before I did. We often visited the Sweaneys who live in Oakland and all very dear friends to us.

October 20th I went to work for Eilers(?) Music Co. and started to learn the trade I had often dreamed about. Not while awake but while I slept. I worked at repairing pianos. I do not wish to mislead anyone who may read this book, but we all know that some people have some dreams that come true while others have claimed that they haven't had a dream at any time come true. Then again those that have some that come true have a great many that do not, but we can generally tell one from the other but oft times we never know until the thing comes to us and then we remember that we had dreamed of it weeks before. That is the way it happened in my case. So I feel that I have at last taken up the work I was cut out for. It is the only work I have ever taken a real interest in and like as (pages cut out).

Thursday Dec. 31, 1914. Left Home at 7:30 to call for Helen Leyemann(?) to take her downtown to see the people celebrate the Birth of the New Year. When I arrived at her home her aunt and Cousin Hazel were there from Vacaville. So Helen and I took Hazel along with us as this was her first new year eve in S.F. We just had a lovely time returning to Jerushas about 12?30 A.M. I satyed at Jerusha's all morning.

New Year's Day Jan. 1, 1915 (Friday). The girls and I took a trip to the Fair Grounds to see Beachy fly he surely is a wonder with hte Biplane. He lets the machine drop as though it was disabled and he had lost control of it and then when within a few hundred feet of the ground he rights it and lands as nice as you please.

Sunday Jan. 3, 1915. Hazel and her mother left for Vacaville today. Helen and I went with them to Oakland. Prev. While crossing the bay it being rainy and unsettled Weather we had the pleasure of seeing one of the most magnificient rain bows we had ever seen. Hazel and I were sitting on the front seats of the upper deck and had a grand view of it. A key Route boat seemed to pass through it making a beautiful picture and at the same moment another rain bow appeared above the first one not as bright in colors but making the scene that much prettier.

Thursday Jan. 7. 1915. I fell thru a skylight at the shop getting some slight cuts and a lame back was treated at the Harbor Em. Hospital and then by Doctor Malone.

Friday Jan. 8, 1915. Began to feel pains in my back and found I couldn't return to work as soon as I expected. Mama took care of me and made a bed in the dining room where there is a gas stove so I could be wram as it is so cold in my room in the front of the house. Mr. Stevens from the store came out to see me.

Sunday Jan. 10, 1915. Mr. Marriot the foreman of the shop called and brought a young lady with him and spent a pleasant two hours with me. I enjoyed the visit very much.

Monday Jan 11, 1915. Jerusha called and brought me a book from Helen and some homemade Jelley. Well I managed to get well alright and returned to work and everything has gone nicely since.

Saturday Feb. 20, 1915. This was the grand opening day of the Panama Pacific International Exposition. Helen Hagemann and I went over to see what was there and enjoyed ourselves very much. We ate our lunch on the temproary Grand Stand built for the Vanderbilt Cup races and at 12 a.m. when all the buildings were opened we went into the Mines building and saw the Model Post Office and some other very interesting exhibits. We also visited the Horticulture Building and it was so warm in there we had to get out in the fresh air to breathe. We then went home and had dinner and returned at 5 oclock. We visited the Palace of Machinery, the Educational Building and some of the State buildings. Utah first whereof I am glad as it is my state or rather the state of my birth so I registered and so did Helen then we visited Ohio and saw some young people dancing in the Ball Room from there we went to Massachusettes and happened to get out on the roof over the front porch just as they started to light up the grounds and it surely was beautiful. We then visited some other state Buildings and started home.

Sunday Feb. 21, 15. Helen and I went to G.G. Park and heard the band concert and also visited the Museum. In the evening we went to the L.D.S. church every one was glad to see me as I had not been there for a couple of months. Pres. Robinson was visiting here and spoke to us about an hour on very interesting subjects. Helen enjoyed it very much as Pres. Robinson spoke on things that she had been thinking about and did not know just how to frame her questions to get the desired answers.

Monday Feb. 22, 1915. Being George Washingtons birthday it was another holiday for me making three days off in succession and believe me I enjoyed every moment of them in the afternoon Earl Vivian Shanan (That's Earl's sweetheart) Helen and I went to the Tivoli(?) to see the mothion Picture entitled A Daughter of the People. In the evening Earl took us out in his auto. We went as far as San Mateo and returned getting home early that is about 10 oclock. Enjoyed ourselves very much and hope to go again.

Several pages cut out

...fine times together.

Sun. Nov. 14, 15. George left for San Jose to work at the Victory Theatre painting scenery. Jim also returned from the mountains and intends to try and work here in S.F. again.

Sun. Nov. 21, 15. Edgar and I went to the Exposition today and saw some of the many interesting things to be seen there leaving about 5:30 P.M.

Monday Nov. 22. Edgar went to Sherman Clay and Comp. to see if he couldn't get work. It happened that they were in need of a man wo Mr. Marriott put him to work right away. If all goes well he will be there until Christmas.

Tuesday Nov. 23, 1915. George returned from San Jose but was not feeling very well and has worried us quite a bit.

Thursday Nov. 25, 1915. This is Thanksgiving day and it seems good that there are three of us boys together the first time in three or four years. George seemed to be a little worse today so we hunted up a doctor as we felt that he needed some medical care. But we managed to spend a very pleasant day. In the evening we went to Jerushas i.e. Edgar and I, getting home about 10:30.

Sunday Nov. 28, 1915. Friday the doctor came out to see George and said it was nothing serious and today he is better and we expect him to be well soon. Edgar had to work today as there are some phonographs that the Co. wants to get out before Christmas. At one oclock I went up to see Tillie as we had planned to go to the Exposition today. She was all ready when I got there so we started, getting to the grounds about 2:30. We saw Art Smith fly in his Aeroplane which was certain fine then we went to the Food Products Building and to the Hawaiian Building where we saw some beautiful fish some were pink and yellow, blue and others looked as tho they had feathers on them. We also went in the Palace of Liberal ARts listened to an organ recital in the Eilers Exhibit and from there we went to the Zone where we saw some curiosities of ? in nature we also saw the largest painting in the world also Creation which we enjoyed very much as it was certainly beautiful from there we went to the Filmore Street entrance and heard part of the Band Concert and some Operatic Singing. We left the Grounds about 8. P.M. going over to Turk and Rill. where we stopped for supper getting home about 11 p.m. after a most enjoyable afternoon and Evening.

Saturday Dec. 4, 1915. This was one grand day that was not expected as yesterday we had rain all day from early morning until late afternoon. The sun set in a clear sky and shortly after it started to rain again but the next morning the sun rose in a clearer sky then it had set in the evening before and the shole day was certainly lovely. You may wonder why all this explaination regarding the wheather but it is explained in a few words as today was the last day of the Panama Pacific Exposition and everyone was afraid they would

Pages cut out

Ida Kreiser who is now Ida Hoben called me upon the phone and said she had just returned from New York. She is quite an old aquaintance of ours as we knew the Keiser family in Denver Colo. about twenty years ago and then we were all children together. It seems good to have your old friends hunt you up after several years. This day Tillie and I went across the bay and visited the Sweaneys we found Edna home all alone so we had her play the Piano while we danced, in all we spent a very pleasant afternoon and evening.

Friday Feb. 25, 16. I went to Work for Kohler and Chase Co. today. Washington Birthday Edgar saw an ad in the examiner for an automatic Piano Repairman and I answered it. Later they phoned for me and then I found that it was Kohler and Chase. So far everything has gone alright. There are only two of us in the Electrical Dept. and we get along fine. Most of the afternoon I was alone as the other man had to go out. Left Apr. 22 went to work for Eilers again.

More pages cut out

Wed. June 21/16. I was sent to Vallejo to set up a piano and also had orders to stop in Crockett to repair a piano there. When I finished in Vallejo I started Via Suisun where I stayed overnight with Joe and had a lovely visit with he and Nettie, Lester was away on a vacation.

Thurs. June 22. I went to Crockett and did the work there which took me two days as I had to overhaul a Peerless "D". I had a hard time finding a room so I had to stop at the Y.M.C.A they had a very nice hotel there. I would have enjoyed staying aweek or two.

Sunday June 25/16. Tillie and I took our regular trip across the bay to the University grounds where we stayed until evening and then returned home by way of Oakland.

Monday June 26, 1916. The Company sent me to St. Helena to set up a Berrywood A.O.W. When I got it set up I found that they had sent the wrong music so I had to stay at the Hotel St. Helena that night and next day waiting for the music. I left on the 27th by S.P. and got home just in time to keep an engagement I had with Tillie that evening.

Wednesday June 28, 16. I got orders to go to Placerville and Sonora to set up pianos. I certainly had lovely trips as both places are in the mountains. I left on the Pacific Limited for Sacramento where I made connections for Placerville where I stayed two nights. Leaving Early Friday morning by Auto Stage for Sacramento. It sprinkled a little on the way down but not enough to do any damage. Along the way I saw some of the big dreadgers turning up the rocky country and extracting the gold. It seems as tho the country is nothing but Cobble stones and gravel around Sacramento to see the way these dredgers turn them up. I arrived in Sacramento at 10:30. I was to late to make connections for Sonora so it was a case of stay over night in Sacramento as I knew a friend of mine by the name of Anton Rubycheck lived there and I called him up and made arrangements to meet him. He plays the organ in the Strand Theatre so I went there with him and saw the pictures while I waited for him. When we got out he invited me to go home with him to supper and stay over night so I accepted and had a nice bed to sleep in and two good meals the Best nights sleep on the whole trip. I left on the California Tractor Co's Car for Stockton at 9:15 A.M. Saturday July 1 for Sonora. Ofcourse I had to change in Stockton instead of going on the train I hunted up an Auto Stage and had a fine open air trip through the Sierra Nevada mountains. When I arrived at Sonora the man said he was promised Slot Boxes and they were not sent with the Piano so I had to phone for thenm and then wait for them to come which was three days and then I had to install them which meant

page cut out

...for me to come over right away but I wasn't home and George received the Message and told him I could be there the first thing Friday morning. I was visiting Earl Sweany when the phone call came but I called up the house in the evening and George told me what was wanted and I returned home that night and got my tools already for starting in the morning.

Friday July 14/16. I started working for the Am. Photo Player Co. and was put to work with Ray. Christianee an old friend with whom I work at Sherman Clay and Co. The first bunch of work I got was to change 65 note players to play 88. So I was out of work only three days.

Sunday July 16/16. I bought a Kodak a week ago a week ago and so today Tillie and I decided to take some pictures with it. We went to Piedmont and then walked several blocks to a nice place and took our pictures they turned out fairly good but we expect to do better next time as we intend to start earlier and spend more time in picture taking.

Sunday July 23/16. Tillie and I started across the bay again and went to look at a house that the boys and I had hired in Oakland as Edgar and I are both working on that side of the bay and thought it would be handier for us to live over there as it will be much shorter for us from the house to our work. After looking at the house we went into the business Center of Oakland and saw the performance at the Hippodrome and after that we had supper and returned home.

Tuesday July 25/16. We moved to Oakland today at 3320 Adeline St. nr. 34th St. We like it here very much and find that it cuts 3 hours off our time going and coming from our work. Which allows us to sleep later in the morning and gives us more time in the evenings to read the papers.

Sunday Aug. 28, 1916. Tillie and I have been covering the same ground so much that I haven't thought it necessary to write about it but today we made a change that I thought I should write of. We got on the 22nd St. Key Route train and change at Key Route Inn to the Leona car and rode out to Leona Heights a nice place in the Foot Hills it is a nice place and we enjoyed the trip very much and will undoubedly go again in the near future in all we had a very pleasant day and arrived home early which was very good as had I have been one boat later getting back I would have been caught in the worst thunder and lightening storm that has visited these parts in years it lasted about an hour and a half and did some damage and started a few fires around the country. I managed to be home and in bed whereof I am thankful.

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