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From April 3, 1931 to October 29, 1932

Handwritten Original in the Possession of Dorothy Heermance Oram

Fri. Apr. 3, 1931 9:00 AM arrived at U.S. Veterans Hospital Livermore Calif. for treatment. In bed all day wrote two letters and listened to the radio also some reading.

Sat. Apr. 4, 8:15 AM. Dental Clinic 9:30 2 Exrays taken of chest also laboratory tests blood tested 85%. Later Dr. Thornton took Record and blood pressure. Read Innocents Abroad by Mark Twain. 7: P.M. Choice of Cocoa or milk. Milk Hot or cold.

Sun. Apr. 5 Easter Sun. At Breakfast Easter Greeting Card from Berkeley Schools Jr. Red Cross. At lunch cigarettes and Bunnie basket from Sacramento Aux. #61. Spent the day reading and listening to radio. Wrote a letter to Gertrude and Dorothy. No Visitors. gave my cigarettes to bunkie, R. V. Lamb from Greenview Siskiyou Co. Had turkey for dinner.

Mon. Apr. 6. Went to Lab. for Wasserman at 9:30. To Surgery for Examination for necessary operations didn't need any. Wasserman was negative. Later to Ear Eye Nose and Throat Specialist who swabbed throat for hoarsness. Told me to come every morning at 8:30 until cured. Read and Wrote three letters. Ruth, Gertrude and Joe. Had a good bath.

Tue. Apr. 7. Went to Ear E. & N. T. at 8:30 A.M. Gave me thoro examination told me to wash out nose and let him look at it. Hope he can cure it. No letters today.

Wed. Apr. 8. Jim Kuhl brought Gertrude and her mother out to see me in Chevvie this morning. Their first visit since I arrived. They stayed until about one o'clock the beginning of the aft rest period. I had a date to have some teeth exrayed but it was called off until tomorrow at eleven. Gertrude brought out my Bible Robe and books to read. Had a movie on the screen rigged up in back yard named The Double Cross Roads. Missed Amos and Andy also Cecile and Salley.

Thur. Apr. 9 Received two letters one from Mother and Jim and one from Joe. Joe said they might be able to see me Sunday if the weather is good. Today was real warm took a bath and put on clean pajamas. Read some in the Bible about Noah and his return to land. Was awake several times during the night saw the moon raise over the hills around one o'clock. Asked the Dr. this morning about my Exam he said it looked like Hell plenty of stuff on both sides. I said I guess I'll be here a long time then. He said yes a good while but it won't make any difference to you, you can't do anything no one uses their pianos anymore, everyone has Radios. Heard the end of the play the Man Who Would be King.

Fri. Apr. 10 Nothing unusual today. The librarian came with books and I got one on Least Known America about the ancient tribes of Indians in the Southwest Arizona and New Mexico etc. Very interesting and it covers people and times similar to the Book of Mormon.

Sat. Apr. 11 Still going to the throat Doctor someday my throat will be alright I hope. John Romeos brought Gertrude, her Mother and Dorothy out. As they won't let children in Dorothy and Grandma stayed at the Hostess house at the gate. They got here about 12 o'clock and left at 12:40. I went out on the porch overlooking the gate and waived to Dorothy and Grandma. It was so good to see Dorothy even tho it was half a block away. I would rather be able to give her a good hug. But I hope I'll not have to stay here long then I can. During the afternoon period Os. King came in. I was glad to see him. Old friends are always welcome when you are confined like this. Said he would try and get out next Saturday. Said to let him know and he would do anything he could for me.

Sun. Apr. 12. Sun shone in the morning but most of the day gloomy. King brought Gertrude and her dad out. Dorothy and Grandma stayed at Kings. While they were here Joe, Nettie and Lester came in and brought me some magazines. This was during the aft. period. It was sure good to see them.

Mon. Apr. 13. Weighed this morning and have gained three and 1/2 pounds since I came here. In the afternoon Bro. Davey and wife brought Gertrude and Mother and Jim out. I was sure glad to see them. I wasn't expecting any visitors today. Was glad to see Mother looking so well and Gertrude so cheerful.

Tue. Apr. 14. Had throat swabbed this morning as usual and it seems better tonight. I sure hope it gets well soon. Received a letter from Gertrude Harman. Gertrudes cousin who is in Omaha Nebr. No Visitors today. Read the book The Seventh Man thru today. I have plenty of time for reading. It is almost time for our night Thermometer and Glass of cocoa. 7:00 P.M. Had a certified specimen of sputum taken this morning hope it is negative.

Wed. Apr. 15. Throat treated again. Getting better but very slow. I thought sure with treatment it would be well by now. Received letters from Gertrude and dorothy also Mother and Jim. Answered all so am up to date now. Had a movie scheduled for tonight but they put it over to tomorrow night.

Thur. Apr. 16. Still going to throat doctor at 8:30 A.M. Received a card from Mr. Willeford and letters from Gertrude and Ruth. The Doctor told the man next to me Forrest V. Lamb they couldn't find anything wrong with him and they would try and send him home next week. Told me I'd have to stay for awhile. Saw the picture Zanes Grays Sunset Pass.

Fri. Apr. 17 9:30 A.M. Received my first disability allowance check for 143.23. Starting from Oct. 2nd 1930 and to Apr. 1, 1931. Rated at $24.00 per month. Not so bad I did not expect so much. Throat Dr. was not in this morning so missed a treatment and throat not so well tonight. Some excitement today the fire signal was given on the whistle and the truck went out with all the cooks, waiters and orderlies went running down the hill behind it. In about twenty minutes they all came back. We found out later it was just a drill. Heard Amos and Andy.

Sat. Apr. 18. 25 years since the Earthquake in San Francisco today. Had throat doctored this morning and the ward Doc. told me to stop talking to help it get well. King and his wife brought Gertrude out to see me today. They came this after. I gave her the check and she can pay up our bills. She said Ed would try and bring her out tomorrow.

Sun. Apr. 19. It was quite warm today and clear no visitors in the morning and reading a short History of Calif. which is real interesting. Read it some and slept some. Ed brought Gertrude her Mother and Mrs. Hayner out this aft. in Chevvie. We had a real nice visit was glad to see them all. They stayed until 5:30. I want out on the porch and waived goodBye to them. Dorothy and Pop stayed at Hayners. Started taking Pierces G.M. Dihis P.M.

Mon. Apr. 20. Went to throat Dr. this A.M. Also using Pepsodent Anticeptic with good results. Gertrude brought it out Sunday. My Bunkie Forrest Lamb went home today. They couldn't find anything wrong with him. He lives in Greenview Calif. Wrote letters to Gertrude A. and to Louise Doxey. Also a card to G. D. Hall at the Champion Washer Co. Was real warm today. Had Elect. fan going.

Tue. Apr. 21 Went to throat Dr. again this morning. Hope I'll be thru with him soon. Received a letter from Gertrude this morning and ans. it right away. Also received a book sent for on the voice of the films and read it thru. Joe Douglas from the church came in for a few minutes he was here for examinations today warmer than yesterday fan going full blast.

Wed. Apr. 22. Throat Dr. again today. Still using Pepsodent Ant. Jim Kuhl brought Gertrude and Dorothy out again. He is going to the country for a few weeks so it will be awhile before he can bring them again. I waived to Dorothy and Grandma Eccles from the porch. A new patient came in today next to me Lawrence Vakich.

Thur. Apr. 23. Not such an eventful day. Went to throat Dr. as usual and wrote a letter to Gertrude and Dorothy. Received one from Geo. D. Hall stating he was sorry to hear I was here and hope I would be out soon. Saw the picture last night the Woman Laughs. Enjoyed it very much. Comical as well as serious.

Fri. Apr. 24. To Dr. as usual. I sure hope the throat gets well. Its a nuisance the way it is as I have to cut down talking and that is hard as the new patients are always asking questions as they are anxious to know about this or that and where do we go from here etc. Leroy Moore and his wife brought Gertrude out and we had a real nice visit. It was short but appreciated as it is so long between times as compared to being home that a few minutes are a big help.

Sat. Apr. 25. It rained today and was more or less gloomy. The sun peeked thru once in awhile. Ans. Geo. Halls letter today. Received one from Dorothy. No Visitors hope someone comes tomorrow. Heard the Showboat in Lady Audsleys secret K.F.R.C.

Sun. Apr. 26. Had a real heavy rain thunder lightning and everything between one and three. No visitors. Listened to Seth Parker tonight.

Mon. Apr. 27. To throat Dr. again this morning. Gradually getting better but very much so. Had a little excitement today the man in #25 named Jones went to the laboratory for the Wassweman test startred to faint there and they had to send for the orderly to bring him back in a wheelchair to his bed. He says he has heart trouble and they have taken five tests from him already and I guess it was one too many. He's up and around again and not so worse for his experience. No visitors. Received a letter from Louise Doxey, a card from Gertrude, a letter from the Diapason saying they would continue my subscription without obligation if I desired. Ans. Gertrude's and Louise' letters.

Tue. Apr. 28. Real nice day today. Ruth came in this afternoon and had a nice visit with her. She has been staying with the Ingrams at Palo Alto. A relation of Evans. Her husband is visiting them and they took her to Palo Alto and Ruth stayed there also. This was Ruth's first visit since I have been here.

Wed. Apr. 29. Received a letter from Gertrude today and answered it. They moved the young fellow next to me Lawrence A. Vukick (vookish) to a private room in Ward 3. He had been quite sick since he arrived. Tonight we saw the movie personality. No Visitors.

Thur. Apr. 30. Still going to throat Dr. Hope I don't have to go much longer. Received a letter from Gertrude today and answered it. No visitors. Warm with a few clouds mostly sunny. Theres a little old lady that comes here Thursdays when the Red Cross comes. I have only seen her twice since I have been here. She asks if there is anything she can do for us and how we are getting along and after supper this evening brought us homemade cake from the women's exchange. Says she isn't connected with any organization now. Just independent. This afternoon some girls came thru and gave us Mother's Day cards.

Fri. May 1. Foggy this morning but sunny the rest of the day. Spending lots of time in bed so I can get well quick. Put another man next to me today. No Visitors.

Sat. May 2. Ed brought Gertrude, her Mother and Dorothy out today. Gertrude brought me my drawing things and ink, also a couple of books to read. They came about 12:15 then went away and had lunch down by the creek and came back during the afternoon visiting period. I sure enjoyed it. I wish they could do that every time they come.

Sun. May 3. I have been here just a month today and have gained 7 pounds. Hope I do better next month. Ruth and Evan brought Mother and Jim out to see me today and so I had a real nice visit with them. They only stayed about an hour as they had some other things to see about.

Mon. May 4. Still going to Doctor for throat treatments he says hoarsness stays awhile after throat is well. Weather warm today but windy. Tonight we had a movie entitled Ladies must play, also a newsreel. No Visitors.

Tue. May 5. Nice day today rather warm. Temperature 99 to night but that is lower than when I came here. Wrote a letter to Joe H. also to Gertrude, Dorothy. A card to Babe Jacobus and Mrs. Willeford. No Visitors.

Wed. May 6. To Dr. again this morning. I have been going every morning but just mention it once in awhile so I can keep track of it. How long I go. Got a Haircut today and it is sure a bum job. Looks like an amature did it. Maybe he is, I don't know. Looks like it was cut with sandpaper instead of clippers and scissors. No visitors. Barber says he bought his chair from the Phillippines. I guess he cuts hair like they do there. Received a letter from Gertrude and Dorothy and answered it. Also wrote one to Mother and Jim.

Thur. May 7. Just another day but foggy partly and some sun and mostly wind but not cold. Went out on the porch for awhile this morning. Received a nice letter from Gertrude and answered it just like sweetheart days. No visitors. Heard Amos and Andy tonight.

Fri. May 8. The E.N.T. Dr. started me on light treatments for my throat today and now it may get well quicker. Went over to Ward 3 last night to see a show on the platform and while waiting for it I want to see Larry Vukich. The nurse came in while I was there and chased me out so I had to come back without seeing the show. It didn't start until 8:30 they say. Larry was looking much better than when he was here.

Sat. May 9. Went to E.N.T. Dr. this morning and he said to only come to him once or twice a week while taking light treatments. Got a letter from Gertrude saying she might come out tomorrow. No Visitors.

Sun. May 10. Mother's Day. Bro. J.G. Shields brought Gertrude out to see me and while there he administered to me so that I would get well quickly. Mrs. Shields was with them, also Melba and Vonnie. Dorothy too. I went out on the porch and waived to them when they left.

Mon. May 11. Another regular day. Since taking light treatments for my throat every day I only have to go to the E.N.T. once a week. No Visitors. This evening they showed the picture Dangerous Paradise which I have seen before so I didn't stay to see it again and came back to bed to read.

Tue. May 12. This morning went for treatment on throat. Received a letter from Gertrude and Dorothy and ans. it. This afternoon I received a card wishing me to get well from Aunt Jennie Heermance. At 2:45 the Doctor (Thornton) sent for me and examined me and said there was still room for improvement.

Wed. May 13. Nothing special today. Received a letter from Gertrude and answered it. Wrote for hair remover claimed to be good to take the beard off painlessly.

Thur. May 14. Great day today. Ed brought Gertrude and her Mother out. They came in the morning and then again in the afternoon. But the time they are here just flies and hardly seems like a visit.

Friday May 15. Another regular day not so warm all day rather cloudy and windy. Finished reading the Santa Fe Trail all about the Spanish French and Americans building up the trail. No mail today as Gertrude was here yesterday. No Visitors.

Sat. May 16. Today the sun shone but it was windy which was rather disagreeable outside but makes no difference when one has to stay in bed all day. Ed brought Gertrude and Dorothy out in the afternoon. I was sure glad to see them. Poor little Dorothy had to stay in the machine part of the time all alone. Ed left a little early and stayed with her until Gertrude left. When Gertrude left Dorothy came up on the grass just below the porch so I could talk to her the first time since I have been here. I think she will do that every time she comes now.

Sunday May 17. Weather good today but windy. Had fried chicken for dinner was real

good. Walked out on the porch for awhile this aft. No Visitors.

Mon. May 18. Went to light treatment this morning. Weighed 116 1/2 # this morning. Gained 2 1/2# for the week and 11 1/2# since I came here. The sister to Larry Vukich fiancee came in to say hello to me this aft. and brought a young man by the name of Martin with her. She says Larry is doing fine.

Tue. May 19. Real warm today only used sheet for covering all day. Received a letter from Gertrude and Dorothy and answered it also one from Aunt Jennie Heermance but haven't answered it yet.

Wed. May 20. Still going for light treatments in a wheelchair. Received a letter from Gertrude and Dorothy and answered it. Also heard from Joe H. also Louise Doxey. Answer them later. Saw a movie on the screen outside tonight. Maurice Chevelier in The Big Pond.

Thur. May 21. Gertrude expected John to bring her out today but hey didn't make. Maybe tomorrow. I received a letter from her and answered it.

Fri. May 22. Well John was able to get out today and brought Gertrude with him also some friends. One lady with two children didn't come in but the other one did. They weren't able to stay long as John had to get back to the Restaurant. Gertrude may be able to get out again Sunday. I hope so. Rec. a card from her.

Sat. May 23. No visitors today rather cloudy weather and some rain.

Sun. May 24. Today one of the most dismal Sundays for a long time. Rained most all day. Gertrude and Dorothy were out but I couldn't go out on the porch to see Dorothy because it was too wet. Emily and Paul Morse brought them out. They came out Saturday and stayed at the Morse ranch overnight and then stopped in to see me on the way home. I hated to think of them going home in such a heavy rain because it sure rained after they left. Joe was intending to come up today but didn't make it I guess because it was so stormy.

Monday May 25. It was cloudy this A.M. but gradually cleared off until this evening the sky is almost clear. They brought in another man for the bed next to me for examination. I guess he will only be here for a couple of days at that rate. He is one of those all around musicians that play on street corners. I judge he is in his fifties.

Tue. May 26. They didn't keep the musician. His name is Mcglanflin. He left this afternoon. This morning I was told to go to the Dentist to get my teeth fixed and was very much surprised to find out that the girl there does the cleaning. I always thought Dental work was done by men but she says her line of Dental--I forget the other word she used, is mostly done by women. She scraped and polished my uppers this morning and told me to come back tomorrow and she would finish the lowers.

Wed. May 27. Went to the Physiotherapy this morning for light treatment on my throat at 8:15 and at 10:30 I want to the dental clinic for the finish of the cleaning. When she finished she said the Doctor would call me when he was ready to fill the teeth that needed it, also I had one to be pulled. Mother and Jim came in to see me about 12:15. Had a real nice visit with them. They each gave me a dollar before they left. Received a letter from Gertrude and Dorothy. Received one yesterday too also one from Mildred Doxey and a card from Aunt Jennie. Saw movie tonight, The Locked Door.

Thur. May 28. Nothing exciting today. Rec. a letter from Gertrude and Dorothy and answered it. It was real warm today just used the sheet for covering. Had a good bath this morning. No visitors.

Fri. May 29. Was rather restless yesterday. Couldn't get interested in anything. Tried reading different kinds of books but couldn't make a go of it even the radio didn't suit, but felt better today. Read a fiction book thru, also a few chapters in the Bible, and some on psychology and managed to get thru the day alright. No visitors. Weather was quite warm.

Sat. May 30. Memorial Day. This morning was real foggy here and it was quite late before the sun broke thru. The whole day was fairly cool but not uncomfortably so. This evening the full moon rose from behind the mts. in the east just beautifully it was just hazy enough to magnify it quite a bit and as it rose to clearer heights and the night become darker it gradually took on its beautiful golden yellow. It is now 8:30 and it is high in the sky. Received a letter from Gertrude and Dorothy. No Visitors.

Sun. May 31. Foggy this A.M. and not very pleasant when sun broke thru as it was windy. Gertrude, Ed, Dorothy and Grandpa Eccles came to see me about 12 o'clock and then returned in the afternoon. I like them to make long visits like that, it makes the days shorter.

Mon. June 1. Weather clear but cool. Windy in the aft. Orderly forgot to come to take me for light treatment so I had to ring for him. No visitors. No mail.

Tue. June 2. Nothing unusual happened today. Weather still cool. Hospital ran out of cod liver oil so will have to go without until a new supply arrives. Received a letter from Gertrude and Dorothy and answered it. No visitors.

Wed. June 3. One month today since I came here and outside of the army I think the longest months of my life. Surrounding are pleasant tho and the time is pleasantly spend but drags I suppose on account of being in the same place all the time. In bed. No Mail. No Visitors. Saw a movie tonight. Hell Harbor. Two Red Cross ladies from Oakland brought us some candy. Chocolates and BonBons.

Thur. June 4. Still taking light treatments for my throat. Received two letters from Gertrude today. One I should have received yesterday. It got delayed somewhere. One from N. B. Jacobus also. Joe came up to see me in the afternoon and stayed about an hour.

Fri. June 5. Ed, Gertrude and Dorothy came out to see me this afternoon. They were late in getting here on account of tire trouble. Sure glad to see them. Gertrude thinks she may get out again Sunday. I hope so. Yesterday and today my temperature has been running up reaching the highest point at night. Last night 99.8 and tonight 100.2.

Sat. June 6. Weather unsettled today no visitors. Didn't receive a letter from Gertrude and Dorothy as they were here yesterday.

Sun. June 7. Gertrude and Dorothy didn't manage to get out today but Mother and Jim came and I had a nice visit with them. They were here for a few minutes in the morning and then again in the afternoon.

Mon. June 8. Not much doing today no visitors. Received a letter from Gertrude and Dorothy.

Tue. June 9. Have not been very well today had a Hemorrage this morning the third since I have been here and I sincerely pray that it was the last for all time. It has left me feeling rather weak. Received a letter from Gertrude and Dorothy also Maude and Aunt Jennie H. and a card from Cousin Georgie Fryer.

Wed. June 10. Gertrude, Dorothy, Mother Eccles, and Ed came to see me today. I was sure glad to see them and to hear first hand how things are going at home. They came in the morning and then returned in the afternoon which made a real nice visit but the time goes so quick at that. Have felt stronger today. The folks coming helped to cheer me up too. Running a temp. tho which I am praying the Lord to remove for me.

Thur. June 11. Dr. Thornton came in and examined me this morning and said he would send me to a private room in Ward three until my temp. was down and here I am writing this. They put me in a room connected with Larry Vukick who was one of my Bunkies in Ward 2 but he was disgusted on account of being here alone so long and left today. When I saw him here I thought how nice it was going to be to have someone I had known before, for company but he's gone now and I'll be alone until someone else is moved in.

Fri. June 12. Gertrude said Mother and Jim might be out today but they did make it. Received a letter from Gertrude and Dorothy and answered it. No Visitors.

Sat. June 13. Haven't been going for light treatments as Dr. Thornton thought it would be too much exertion going and coming for a few days so I haven't said anything to the Doctor here about it. His name is Montague. They put me on bed baths and this morning I received my first one by Miss Ward an old time nurse. Received a letter from Gertrude and Dorothy. Also one from Gertrude Harmon who is back in Salt Lake City again.

Sun. June 14. The weather wasn't so good today but I enjoyed the day as I had visitors. Mr. and Mrs. Felle from the church brought Gertrude and Dorothy out in the morning and then they returned in the afternoon. About 4:30 Ed arrived with Mom and Pop Eccles so it made a real pleasant day for me but the visiting time goes so quick when anyone calls, especially Gertrude. I long so to have her near and the two hours seem like two minutes.

Mon. June 15. Oh how it rained this morning it got so dark I had to use the electric light to read by for awhile but brightened after awhile and the sun shone between clouds. It darkened early and I had to turn the light on to read again. No Visitors, no mail. Listened to Cecil and Sally also the Jamboree.

Tue. June 16. Today was bath day. They give me bed baths in this ward (3) twice a week and how I hate them. It's first one arm and then the other arm and so on. Part at a time. I could get in the tub and have it over with while they wash one arm. But then they claim that's too much exertion so we have to obey rules. No visitors. Letter from Gertrude and Dorothy.

Wed. June 17. Jim Kuhl brought Gertrude her mother and Dorothy also his wife Irene and two children but they did'nt come in to see me. Had a real nice visit but Jim had a date with his Doctor and had to leave early so the time was short. They came in the morning. I enjoyed this visit real well because Gertrude was alone with me for about 1/2 hour. Other times someone has stayed to the last minute with her. I like to have them all but a little time alone with her seems so good. Received a letter from Joe saying Maude may come to see us next week.

Thur. June 18. Received a card from Gertrude saying they got home safe and answered it. No Visitors.

Fri. June 17. Bath day again. Rather unsettled today I mean in the weather. Some clouds and some sun. Lots of wind and cool. Letter from Gertrude and Dorothy. No Visitors.

Sat. June 20. Received four pieces of mail today a letter from Gertrude and Dorothy also one from Sr. Jones of the Church a father's day card from Dorothy and a get well card from Gertrude Harmon. Answered Gertrude's and Dorothy's letter and put the others off. No Visitors.

Sunday June 21. Weather cloudy and windy with sun breaking thru. Gertrude and Ed came out to see me today. The Kings invited them all out for Dinner so while Gertrude's Mother helped Mrs. King get the dinner she and Ed came on out here to see me. They arrived here a little after 11 and stayed until 1 and then came back in the afternoon for an hour. They had to leave at four as dinner was planned for five o'clock and that just gave them time to make it back barring mishaps.

Monday June 22. Foggy early this moring but later clear and a little windy wrote letters to Gertrude and Dorothy. Mrs. Walleford Mrs. Jones and Claude Douglas who is in Kingman Arizona. A card to Mr. Shelley a friend on 61st Street. No visitors.

Tue. June 23. King brought Gertrude out to see me this afternoon and while they were here Maude, George's wife and her sister Nelle came in to see me also they are here from Salt Lake City on their vacation and visiting with Joe and he brought them in to see me. He didn't come in the hospital because he had a bad cold. King could only stay a hour so I didn't get much of a visit with Gertrude. They all left at the same time. 4 oclock.

Wed. June 24. Another real summer day. Received a card from Gertrude which I didn't expect as she was here yesterday but I was glad to get it just the same as I am always anxious to hear from her. No visitors.

Thu. June 25. Today was warm and I guess hot out side but I can't go out side so I have to judge by the inside. I have been waiting for the Missionaries to call for a long time as Gertrude had told them I would like to have them and the last few days I have been praying for some one to come and administer to me and this afternoon Elders Geo. W. Mendenhall and R. B. McMillan from Oakland came in. I was certainly glad to see them. Answered letter to Gertrude and Dorothy also wrote to Mrs. Hayner. Have been restringing beads for Dorothy and Gertrude one set yesterday and three today makes a change from reading to pass the time. It just came to me now that this morning I had an impression that something was going on conserning me and it was exceptionally strong and I thought maybe the Doctor was planning on moving me because I felt something like it the morning they moved me to this ward before the Dr. told me. But it just came to me now that it was to inform me that the Elders were coming.

Fri. June 26. Received a letter from Gertrude and Dorothy this A.M. and answered it. Then about 11:30 Ed brought Gertrude and her Mother to visit me. In the aft. Gertrude came up alone while Ed and her Mother went to visit the Morse's who are spend a few days on their Ranch in Livermore. We had a wonderful visit all by ourselves. Dorothy is spending a couple of days with Ruth in S.F. so I sent her answer there.

Sat. June 27. Received a card from Gertrude today and letters from Dorothy, Claude Douglas who is in Arizona and Grace Matiasevich, Laurence Vukich's neice regarding some books he left with me telling me where to send them in Watsonville.

Sunday June 28. Today was clear but the wind blew keeping it cool or better chilly. No visitors in the moring but in the afternoon Gertrude her Mother and Father and Ed came in also Ray Christianer and his wife. He and I used to work at Sherman Clay and later The American Photo Player Co. together. I was sure glad to see them and enjoyed the visit very much.

Mon. June 29. Weather warm and clear. No mail. No visitors.

Tue. June 20. Another clear day but windy in the afternoon. Doctor says I can go on shower baths after this if my temp stays normal also will be moved into the ward as soon as they need a room for someone real sick. Shower baths means I can bathe myself. Bed baths are given by a nurse. Received a letter from Dorothy and Gertrude. They were in S.F. Monday. Gertrude had gone over to bring Dorothy home. Dorothy was visiting with Ruth.

Wed. July 1. Got a surprise today. Gertrude came in without letting me know she was coming. Sure glad to see her. Ed brought she and her Mother out and they stopped at Morse's Ranch and picked up Mrs. Hayner as she is staying there this week helping them with the apricots and brought her up to see me. Dorothy stayed at the ranch to play with the children. Weather was hot during the day but cooled when the wind started blowing in the evening.

Thur. July 2. Weather hot today it is now 2:30 and just a light breeze blowing. No mail from Gertrude today. Stayed hot all day. No Visitors.

Fri. July 3. Hot all day today. Even the wind. Big fire on Mt. Diablo or near there. Ed brought Maude, Nelle and Gertrude out to see me today. Maude and Nelle return to Salt Lake tomorrow. Nelle has to be back to work Monday. The youngsters LaVon, Lenore and Lois stayed in the machine with Dorothy.

Sat. July 4. The first 4th of July I haven't been able to go somethere. How I miss doing something on holidays besides staying in bed. No mail no visitors only heat sure a hot day. Fire still burning on Mt. Diablo

Sun. July 5. Weather still hot. Fire still burning on Mt. Diablo. Mother and Jim were the only visitors today. They came in the morning also in the aft. but left a five minutes to four as Mother had to go to the Doctor.

Mon. July 6. Weather still warm and fire still burning on Mt. Diablo. Was expecting John Romeos to bring Gertrude out today but he didn't make it. Received a letter from her tho.

Tue. July 7. Weather cooler today. Cloudy in the moring clearing later. Received letters from Gertrude and Gertrude Harmon S.L.C. Answered both. No Visitors.

Wed. July 8. Real nice day today. Gertrude her Mother and Ed came out to see me both morning and afternoon. Had a real nice visit. Ed and Mother did'nt come up in the afternoon so Gertrude and I were all by ourselves for the two hours.

Thur July 9. Still warm no mail today as Gertrude was out yesterday. No Visitors.

Fri. July 10. Bro. Davey Brought Gertrude out this afternoon also his wife and Henry White and his wife to see me. Bros. White and Davey administered to me so that I will speedily recover. Answered Gertrudes letter this A.M. She said they had our phone disconnected and one installed at her Mothers with our number that we might be able to get back when we want ours connected again. Received a letter from Joe. Had a variety program on the platform tonight.

Sat. July 11. Got a card from Gertrude today saying they got home alright. No Visitors.

Sun. July 12. Rowen Curtis brought the folks out today but only stopped a few minutes as he and family wanted to go to Mt. Hamilton and then came back and pick the folks up and take them home so Gertrude and her Mother and Father stayed and visited with me. Dorothy went with Curtis.

Mon. July 13. Weather turned cold today fog around Mt. Diablo and strong cold West Wind. No visitors. No Mail.

Tue. July 14. Still cold. Letter from Gertrude and Dorothy also Aunt Jennie Heermance. Ans. Gertrudes. No Visitors

Wed. July 15. Weather still cold slept with my jacket on. Doctor came in about 9:30 and said he was going to move me so about quarter to eleven they came for me. Orderly Tony Junliana did the work. I had room #41 and now I am in the big ward in a cubicle or cubicle. I liked the room better but they are only for real sick fellows and as one of them was feeling quite sick they changed places with us so now I am #23 so the next step should be out. Gertrude her Mother and Ed came to see me both morning and afternoon.

Thur July 16. Weather warmer today no mail. No Visitors.

Fri. July 17. Weather warmer still went outside and sat in the sun for awhile this morning but being so early the wind was a little cool so I didn't stay as long as I would have liked to. In the afternoon Gertrude her Mother, Ruth Mother and Ed came to see me. Before coming up Gertrude got a pass for Dorothy to come in on the lawn to see me as a surprise. I was sure glad to see her. The first time I have been near enough to touch her since since I came here 3 1/2 months ago and the first time I have been able to see her at all in a month. Sure had a dandy visit with all. Received a letter from Gertrude one from Mrs. Lasserot of Hollister and one from Gertrude Harman S. L. City.

Sat. Jul 18. Received a card from Gertrude as they were here yesterday. Wrote them a letter. No Visitors. Answered Mrs. Lasserots letter.

Sun. July 19. Ed brought Gertrude, her Mother and Dorothy out today. I didn't see Dorothy tho. Gertrude said she had a chance to rent the house to Claude Douglas. I thought it would be alright as it will be better then having it empty.

Mon. Jul 20. Wrote to Gertrude today. Weather not so warm. No mail. No visitors.

Tue. Jul. 21. Warmer today but windy. Letter from Gertrude. Ans. Gertrude Harmons letter. No visitors.

Wed. Jul 22. Real warm this morning sat outside on a bench in the sun. Ed brought Gertrude her mother and Dorothy out today. In the afternoon Gertrude got a pass for Dorothy and I had a visit with her again outside on the platform. It was windy but not cold.

Thur. Jul 23. Hot again this morning still going to the Physio for light treatments on my throat.

Fri. Jul 24. Still warm weather. Received letter from Gertrude. Ans. it. No Visitors.

Sat. July 25. Continues warm. Letters from Louise Doxey Tom Mills Gertrude and Mr. Hayner. Ans. Gertrude and Mrs. Hayner. No Visitors.

Sun. July 26. LeRoy Moore and his wife brought Gertrude out again they came in the morning only as Roy wanted to go to Concord to get some apples. No Visitors in the aft.

Mon. July 27. No letter from Gertrude as she was out yesterday but I wrote to her anyway. Ans. Louises' letter also Toms so I'm all caught up on letter writing again. Letters seem to come in bunches. No Visitors. Listened to Blue Monday Jamboree tonight 8-10.

Tue Jul. 28. Exray. Weather a little warmer today. They took another exray of my chest this morning and in a few days I will know if there is any improvement. Letter from Gertrude today and ans. it.

Wed. Jul 29. Ed brought Gertrude her Mother and Mrs. Ahrens out to see me today. Dorothy is spending a few days with Mrs. Willeford in S.F. She may go to Ruths later.

Thur. Jul. 30. Received a card from Gertrude she wrote Tuesday. Got in too late to be delivered yesterday. Weather warmer today. No Visitors.

Fri. Jul 31. Weather cool. Card from Gertrude--answered it. No Visitors.

Sat. Aug. 1. Weather cool mornings Foggy. Letter from Gertrude and card from Dorothy. Dorothy still at Wellefords. No Visitors.

Sunday Aug. 2. Ed brought Gertrude and her folks out again today. They came during the aft. period as they went to Sun. School in the morning. They stayed until 6 oclock.

Mon. Aug 3. Foggy this morning again. No word from Gertrude today a card from Dorothy saying she was going to Aunt Ruths for a few days.

Tue. Aug 4. Received letter from Gertrude and ans. it. No Visitors.

Wed. Aug 5. Ed brought Gertrude her Mother, Dorothy and Ruth out to see me today and they got a pass for Dorothy again and we had a real nice visit. They were here for both visiting periods. I enjoyed it very much. Received a letter from Gertrude Harman.

Thur. Aug 6. Wrote a letter to Gertrude and Dorothy today. We had a variety program this afternoon on the platform. Singing, tap dancing, Harmonica playing and accordian playing.

Fri. Aug. 7. Received a letter from Gertrude and Dorothy and answered it. No Visitors.

Sat. Aug. 8. Nothing special today. Still taking light treatments for my throat. Hope it soon gets well.

Sun. Aug 9. Mother and Jim came out this morning and I had a nice visit with them. They had dinner in the dining room and then came back during the aft. visiting period. The S.F. Sciots gave a band concert and they listened to it and enjoyed it very much. They left right after the concert so as to get home ahead of the weekend rush.

Mon. Aug. 10. Weather a little cool. Sat. outside in the sun while this morning.

Tue. Aug. 11. Had a little rain this morning cloudy thruout the day.

Wed. Aug. 12. Gertrude didn't come out today as she went to a shower (baby) given to Lucille Aldridge.

Thur. Aug 13.

Fri. Aug. 14

Sat. Aug. 15. Weather cool. Foggy A.M.s

Sun. Aug. 16. Bishop Eugene B. Jacobs his wife and Ralph Jordan his Councellor brought Gertrude out and we had a real nice visit. Mrs. Jorday stepped out with the children. Bro Jacobs and Jordan administered to me.

Monday Aug. 17. Bro. E. M. Davey brought Gertrude out today also his wife and Bro. and Sister Phillips. Had another nice visiting period. They couldn't stay long tho. Bros. Phillips and Davey administered to me also, making the fifth administration since I have been here. Weather still cool.

Tue. Aug. 18

Wed. Aug. 19.

Thurs. Aug. 20. Weather cool

Fri. Aug. 21 Weather warmed up today.

Sat. Aug 22. Weather warming up. Rec. letter from Gertrude.

Sun. Aug 23. Slept with just sheet and spread on blanket warm all night. Ther. registered 100 on porch. Ruth, Evan and Susie Allen Young and her husband came in to see me this afternoon. The Youngs were on their way home to Selmar and Ruth and Evan came this far with them and intend to return on the stage.

Mon. Aug. 24. Weather continues hot sleep only with spread and sheet for covering at night no covering in Daytime. Went out on the platform at night and sat in the moonlight.

Tue. Aug 25. Still hot. Received letter from Gertrude as usual and answered it.

Wed. Aug 26. Ed brought Gertrude and her Mother out today. Dorothy had to go to school and couldn't come. She'll have to wait until they come some Sunday.

Thur. Aug 27. Weather warm today but cool evening. Am. Legion of San Leandro put on a variety show that was real good at 7:30.

Fri. Aug. 28. Night cool day warm.

Sat. Aug. 29. Another cool night but warm thru the day.

Sun. Aug 30. Cool last night again but real warm day. Mother and Jim came out in the morn. Ed brought Gertrude and her folks out in the aft. Gertrudes Dad and Jim administered to me. Dorothy stayed at Morse's ranch to return with them to be picked up on returning home by the folks.

Mon. Aug 31. Warm Day.

Tue. Sept 1st. Foggy morning but clearing early. Received Gov. check today.

Wed. Sept 2. Ed brought Gertrude and her Mother out to see me today. They came in the morning and returned for the afternoon. Their visits sure help to shorten up the weeks. We had a movie last night "Brothers" also a Krazy Kat comedy and a Scenic of Arrowhead Lake.

Thur. Sept. 3. Five months today since I came here. Gee but it's a long time. I was in hopes of being home long before this.

Fri. Sept. 4. Rained about 9:30 this morning a real good shower. Received a letter from Gertrude and Dorothy--answered it.

Sat. Sept 5. Weather still cool.

Sunday Sept. 6. Cool today also. Bro. and Sis. Fitzpatrick of Elinhurst came to see me in the aft.

Mon. Sept 7. Labor Day. No Physio today acct. holiday. Ed brought Gertrude and her Mother out today. Dorothy was visiting some friends and didn't come. The oil line on Chevvie broke and they burned out a bearing and so were delayed in getting here as they had to be towed to Livermore to get it fixed. They planned to get here this morning but the trouble delayed them.

Tues. Sept. 8. Still cool generally foggy in the A.M. The Mail carriers colored band from Memphis Tenn. thats attending the mail carriers convention in Oakland came out and played for us after dinner and until 1:10 P.M.

Wed. Sept. 9. Ed brought Gertrude and her Mother and Ruth out today. They didn't get out until the afternoon but being a holiday we had a nice long visit.

Thur. Sept. 10. Weather started to warm up but nights stay cool.

Fri. Sept. 11. Real warm today but cool tonight.

Sat. Sept 12. Still getting warmer making a real hot spell. Bro. Phibbs brought Gertrude and her Mother out today. He and his wife came up to see me also. Dorothy stayed in the machine with their girl. They brought me a bunch of fruit. Since I have been in this bed #23 Ward 3 They have move out G. D. Webb who had the next bed when I was moved in and Gorman was put in his place the same day I forget date but it is about three weeks ago now.

Sun. Sept. 13. Today was real hot only used the sheet for cover and not that all the time. Unbuttoned my blouse during the aft. rest period to keep down the persperation. No Visitors.

Mon. Sept. 14. Cloudy this A.M. had rain and some thunder didn't see the lightning. Chilly and unsettled all day. Winter seems to be starting early this year.

Tue. Sept 15. Forget how the weather was. I'm alway late making up this time. I just put it off until I'm a week behind.

Wed. Sept. 16. Ed brought Gertrude and her Mother out today. They got here in the morning and returned in the afternoon had a real nice visit again.

Thurs. Sept 17. Nothing unusual today. Read a whole lot as usual slept some and so the day passed.

Friday Sept. 18. Have been trying to get a birthday card from the canteen for Gertrudes birthday Sunday. Mrs. Stella Hayner thought of it and sent me a beautiful one so I got it off in the morning mail. The one from the canteen arrived about 5 oclock, too late to get in todays mail. I'll have to save it for next year.

Sat. Sept. 19. Weather warming up again. Received a letter from Gertrude and answered it.

Sat. Sept 19. Edgar died sometime this afternoon at the Berkeley beach where he goes swimming. Cause hardening of the arteries.

Sun. Sept. 20. Joe, Gertrude and Ruth came out at 2:30 and told me about Ed. They could only stay a few minutes as they had to return to tell Mother and to make funeral arrangements. Weather quite warm.

Monday Sept 21. Still warm didn't need any covering today. No letter from Gertrude on account of being out yesterday.

Tue. Sept. 22. Ed's funeral is to be held tomorrow Wed. I wanted to be there but Dr. Thornton who was O.D. Sunday advised me not to go on account of my condition as it would do me more harm then good so I'll have to wait for someone to come and tell me about it. Gertrude got King to bring her out this afternoon and she says Ed evidently had been swimming at the place where we had seen him different times by the Berkeley incinerator and had just start to return to the machine to go home as he was found on a cliff just above the bay shore where he usually undressed to swim. The funeral will be held tomorrow Wed. Sept 23.

Wed. Sept 23. This evening three missionaries came to see me and administered to me. They had also attended Ed's funeral and so brought me news of how things were carried on so nicely. They only stayed a few minutes as it was after visiting hours. Gertrude coming Tues. and the missionaries Wed. were all in answer to my prayers. I had been praying for someone to come and administer to me. Monday I read in the Bible "Blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted" and I prayed that that promise might be fulfilled in my behalf. King said he did know why he thought of phoning Gertrude but I do and so she was able to come out Tuesday and tell me how things were going which surely was a comfort and then the missionaries Wednesday. They sure were all comfort for me.

Thurs. Sept 24.

Friday " 25

Sat. Spt. 26 Nothing

particular happened these days. Fair weather.

Sun. Sept 27. Weather fair but windy. Mother and Jim came to see me in the morning. Mother was looking fine and taking things real well. Told me all about Ed's funeral. Had a real nice visit. They came back in the afternoon. John Romeos got a friend to drive Gertrude her folks and Dorothy out in Chevvie so I had a nice visit with everyone. Gertrude got a pass for Dorothy so I sat outside with her, Gertrude, Mother and Jim during an entertainment put on by some people from Stockton. After they had all left Joe and Nettie came in so I had a few minutes visit with them. I was so glad to see them all and a further answering of my prayer.

Monday. Sept 28. Still reaping benefits from my prayers. Bro. Davie and wife brought Gertrude, Bro. and Sis. Phillips and Bro. Searle out to see me today. Such a surprise. Bro. Searle spoke so encouraging to me and was so confident in what the Lord would do for me that I asked that he might seal the annointing when they administered to me also he had not been here before. When he left he told me the Doctors would be surprised. He is so sincere I know he is right as I understand that wonderful things have taken place when he has administered to the sick. My temperature was lower then it has been for several days tonight.

Tue. Sept 29. Nothing special today.

Wed. Sept 20. Our 14th Wedding anniversary. Jim Kuhl Gertrude's Mother's next door neighbor brought them out to see me in the morning. They couldn't stay for the aft. as Jim wanted to get back and Gertrude had promised Lucille Aldridge she would help her with her baby that was born a week ago until she gets well enough to do so herself. In the aft. the musicians union of S.F. put on an entertainment for us. Weather real warm.

Thur. Oct. 1. Weather still real warm.

Fri. Oct. 2. Weather warm thru the day but cool evening. Some Hawaiians entertained this evening for about 1/2 hour. Singing and playing. One man danced the Hula.

Sat. Oct 3. Another regular day. Six mo. today since I came to the hospital.

Sun. Oct. 4. John Romeos friend brought Gertrude and her folks out to see me in the afternoon. Dorothy stayed with Lucille Aldridge whose baby Gertrude has been taking care of.

Mon. Oct. 5. Wrote two cards to Gertrude today. Have written a card or letter almost every day since I came here.

Tues. Oct. 6. Rec. a letter from Gertrude and she expects to be thru at Lucilles tomorrow.

Wed. Oct 7. Did get any word from Gertrude today so thought she would be out but she wasn't so I guess her letter got delayed.

Thur. Oct 8. John Romeos brought Gertrude and her Mother out today so it made up for yesterday. She was too busy at Lucilles to get a chance to write so that is why I didn't get a letter yesterday. They got here in the afternoon and we had some entertainers here so they had a chance to see them and enjoy the music.

Fri. Oct. 9.

Sat. Oct 10. Weather fair fog in the A.M. clearing thru the day.

Sun. Oct. 11. Bro. Davey and his wife brought Gertrude and Bros. Fontano and Richardson out to see me. They administered to me and I have been feeling better.

Mon. Oct 12. Columbus Day. All radio programs remembered Columbus today. Weather warmer.

Tue. Oct 13. Weather started warmer today than yesterday but is rather hazy now 93. At three oclock we had a variety program given by the S. F. Hotel Womans Assoc. Singing and Dancing.

Wed. Oct 14

Thurs. " 15.

Friday " 16

Saturday "17. All about the same. Wed. A.M. I spent at the Dental Clinic getting a tooth filled.

Sun. Oct. 18. Mother and Jim came out in the moring and also returned in the aft. They left at four oclock and then Gertrude and her folks came in. Mr. and Mrs. Ethgegorry who used to live next door to us brought them out. We had a band concert at three oclock.

Mon. Oct 19. Nice day today not too warm or too cold just right. Received a letter from Vukick's neice saying he was worse and his feet had begun to swell and he's quite sick.

Tues. Oct 20. Forget what the weather was but I guess not bad or I would remember that.

Wed. Oct 21. Weather cool today wind blowing real hard from the west. Jim Kuhl (Cool) brought Gertrude and Mrs. Willeford out to see me in the morning. Gertrude brought me a birthday card to send to Ruth for her birthday Oct. 25, Sunday.

Thurs. Oct 22. Rained today weather very unsettled Show 7:30.

Friday. Oct. 23. Weather clearing today clouds and sunshine chasing each other.

Sat. Oct. 27. Sun rose real clear this morning and warmed up nice this afternoon. Forgot to write about show Thurs. Eve. Had three good lady singers with good clear voices, plenty of volume. One played guitar and sang. The Three Cocoanuts from Radio K.L.X. and a Hula Dancer also Violinist, lady.

Sun. Oct 25. Weather unsettled today. Had a show in the aft. Singing and playing. No Visitors.

Mon. Oct. 26. Sun shining this morning. Weather warming up.

Tue. Oct. 27. Still warming up.

Wed. Oct. 28. Jack Searle drove Chevvie out and brought his wife Genevieve and Gertrude and her Mother. Also bro. Searle from (aft.) the church (no relation).

Thur. Oct. 29. Still warm. Unbuttoned jacket during aft. Rest period to keep cool.

Fri. Oct. 30. Warm today too. Everyone thinks it must be Indian Summer.

Sat. Oct. 31. Another warm day. Listened to Halloween Stories on radio in the evening.

Sunday Nov. 1. Bro. Jack Powell and his wife and her Mother and Father came out to see me this afternoon. Sis. Powell stayed in the machine with the children. Real glad to see them. Have often wished Bro. Everett would come out and administer to me and he did. Bro. Powell assisted. Gave me a wonderful blessing. Pronounced blessings on me that I have been praying for as tho he had known of them. Weather warm today but cooler then other days. Heard over the radio fog was coming it at S.F. so expect some cool days now.

Mon. Nov. 2

Tue. " 3

Wed. " 4

Thur. " 5

Fri. " 6

Sat. " 7 Whole week Sunny and warm real Indian Summer weather. Didn't have any ward entertainment all week. No visitors either. Gertrude couldn't get any one to bring her out.

Sun. Nov. 8. The Aahmes Temple Band from S.F. gave us a concert today. Real good and snappy. No Visitors. Weather was cool in the morning but warmed up for the afternoon and made it pleasant for the concert.

Mon. Nov. 9. Bro Davey and his wife brought Gertrude and Bro. and Sis. Phillips out to see me. Bros. Davey and Phillips administered to me and Bro. Phillips sealed the anointing and thru him I was told that I will get well but to be patient as it is a disease that takes time to heal. The weather started out nice in the morning but by three oclock when they got here it was cloudy and quite cold. I had to put my sox on to keep my feet warm.

Tue. Nov 10. Cold this morning and cloudy also rained today. Paper says it won't last as its only a small storm and mild.

Wed. Nov 11. Clear and warm this morning. Armistice Day. School Holiday. Gertrude said they were planning on visiting Kings today. In the afternoon Gertrude, her mother, Mrs. King and Dorothy came to visit me. The man who rented our house Mr. Johnson took them to Kings and then brought them out here. Gertrude got a pass for Dorothy. I haven't seen her for about two months. They brought Dorothys camera and we all had our pictures taken. Mother and Jim were here too. They came in the morning and returned in the afternoon. Then about 5:15 Joe and Nettie came in sure a big day of visitors. Gertrude hadn't left yet so she had a chance to see them but Mother and Jim had gone early so missed them.

Thur. Nov. 12. Weather clear and cool this morning but warmer in the afternoon. One of the Red Cross Units brought a Sax player and accordian player out to entertain us so we had some real nice music this afternoon.

Fri Nov. 13. Nothing unusual today.

Sat. Nov. 14. Weather unsettled.

Sun. Nov. 15. Rained today. Had entertainment this afternoon in two units. One played upstairs and one here then they changed places thus saving time. No Visitors.

Mon. 16.

Tue. Nov. 17 Weather still unsettled and rainy.

Wed. Nov. 18. Still unsettled weather showers and Rainbows.

Thur. Nov. 19. Sun raised clear this morning. Clear all day but cool. Received letters from Ruth and Gertrude. Rec. one from Gertrude Harman Tuesday and ans. it yesterday. In the afternoon Jim Kuhl brought Gertrude out to see me, also his fatherinlaw Fred Dueball who owns the house next door to the north of Gertrudes Mother.

Fri. Nov. 20. Rained today.

Sat. Nov. 21. More pleasant today.

Sun. Nov. 22. Mr. and Mrs. Etchegorry brought Gertrude out again. Gertrude says the folks have redecorated the whole inside of the house and are having the outside Stuccoed. I won't know it when I get back. Ray Christianer and wife were out also.

Mon. Nov. 23. Real cold but clear.

Tue. Nov. 24. Colder 20 out on the porch.

Wed. Nov. 25. Little warmer about 34 on porch. This afternoon Elder Macmillian and his companion came in to see me and administered to me again. God is certainly good to me.

Thur. Nov. 26. Thanksgiving day. Johnson who rents out house brought Gertrude and Her Mother and father out also Mr. Wheeler to see me today had a real nice visit during the afternoon period. Rained in the early morning but stopped during the day.

Fri. Nov. 27. Cold but pleasant.

Sat. Nov. 28. Still cold but clear.

Sun. Nov. 29. Clear and cool. No visitors today.

Mon. Nov. 30.

Tue. Dec. 1 Cold.

Wed. Dec. 2. Cold and cloudy. Mother and Jim came out today. He isn't working had a nice visit both morning and afternoon periods. Evening warmed up and had a showers before lights out.

Thursday Dec. 3

Fri. Dec. 4. Cloudy. Expected Rain did not come.

Sat. Dec. 5. Nice Clear day.

Sun. Dec. 6. Morning no sun Cloudy or foggy I don't know which. Bro. J. G. Shields and his wife brought Gertrude out in the afternoon and we had a real nice visit. He administered to me. Mrs. Amelia Lasserot and Daughter and her husband from Hollister came out in the AM.

Mon. Dec. 7

Tue. Dec 8.

Wed. Dec. 9. Weather cold

Thur. Dec. 10. Weather cold and a real good rain today.

Fri. Dec 11. Real heavy frost this morning and plenty cold. Cold all day.

Sat. Dec. 12. Weatherman said more frost but we didn't get it.

Sun. Dec. 13. Cold and rainy today. No visitors.

Mon. Dec. 14. Cloudy and cold this morning. Received four letters. One each from Gertrude, Mother and Jim, Ruth and Gertrude Harman.

Tue. Dec. 15. Jim Kuhl brought Gertrude and her Mother out to see me today. Gertrude brought me some greetings cards to mail. Weather clear and cold.

Wed. Dec. 16. Weather still clear and cold. Heavy frost. Getting cards off today

Thur. Dec. 17. Clear today but cool. John Romeos brought Gertrude and her Mother out to see me. He has closed his restaurant as he could'nt make expenses.

Fri. Dec. 18. Weather clear today and much warmer than for a couple of weeks.

Sat. Dec. 19. Still clear but not so warm as Friday.

Sun. Dec. 20. Rained today and was unsettled. No Visitors.

Mon. Dec. 21. Yesterday the Christmas committee decorated the ward for Xmas and this afternoon Santa Claus passed out the presents. I had put in for a Subscription to Popular Science Magazine which I am getting but a lady in Carmel, Mrs. Emilie C. Fox sent us all a cloth bag with several handy articles in it including chocolate bar and Breath tablets all things that can be used Sox and Hankerchiefs also.

Tue. Dec. 22

Wed. Dec 23

Thur. Dec. 24. Unsettled weather. Wind blows real hard Xmas eve and plenty of rain.

Fri Dec. 25. Rained hard in the early morning slackening towards noon. Sunshine in the afternoon. John Romeos brought Gertrude out in the morning and left her here as he had to attend his sisters names day party in Oakland. I got permission from the Doctor to eat dinner with Gertrude in the dining room and sure enjoyed getting my feet under the table once more. First time since I've been here. We did'nt have any rest period so Gertrude stayed right with me until King called for her. He had promised to come and take her to the car at Hayward so she could get home alright. They left around four oclock. Mrs. Gorman my Bunkies Wife gave me a nice basket of dried fruits as a rememberance from them.

Sat. Dec. 26. Unsettled.

Sun. Dec. 27. Rained quite a bit today.

Mon. Dec. 28

Tue. Dec. 29. Unsettled weather

Wed. Dec. 30. Nice day. John Romeos brought Gertrude and Ruth out to see me. Dorothy is in Utah with Grandma Eccles will be back Sunday Jan 3. Gertrude went home with Ruth and stayed over night.

Thur. Dec. 31. Unsettled but not real cold. Kept radio on until 12:10. More or less noise in the ward up until that time. At midnight the boys who had whistles blew them and someone outside fired a gun five times and we entered the new Year. I slept most of the time but was awake at Midnight.

Fri. Jan. 1, 1932. Some sunshine no rain a pretty good day. Joe and Nettie came in during the afternoon and stayed awhile. They had been to visit Mother and Jim and were on their way home.

Sat. Jan 2. Fair Weather.

Sun. Jan. 3. Fair Weather no visitors.

Mon. Jan. 4. Sunny day. Bro Davey and Sis. Shields and Gertrude and her Mother out to see me in the afternoon. Mother Eccles had just returned the day before from visiting in Utah. She and Dorothy left the day after Xmas so Dorothy could see the snow and play in it. This was her first time she is 12 years old now.

Tue. Jan. 5

Wed. " 6

Thu. " 7

Fri. " 8. All real sunny days. Sunny today also. John Romeos brought Gertrude and her mother out this afternoon. They were late on account of having a puncture but stayed a little after 5 and that helped make up a little for the time spent in tire changing.

Sat. Jan 9. Still nice weather it did cloud up a little a couple of mornings during the week but they soon blew away and we had nice sunshine the rest of the day.

Sun. Jan. 10. The morning was sunny but aft. was cloudy. Gertrude and her mother and father and Dorothy visited Kings today and he brought Gertrude and Dorothy out to see me. Hadn't seen Dorothy for a couple of months she's growing up fast now. Mother Died at 9:45 P.M.

Mon. Jan. 11. Joe brought Ruth Gertrude and Jim out and they told me about Mother this afternoon at three oclock. Joe had to go on as he wanted to get home in time to close the store. John Romeos got a friend to drive Chevvie out so as to take them back. Weather a little cloudy turning to fog and then rain.

Tue. Jan 12. Rainy today.

Wed. Jan. 13. This morning was nice. I prayed that it would be nice for the funeral today at 10 at Grant Millers. Joe brought Gertrude her Mother, Dorothy, Ruth and Jim out to Livermore. They started to walk out here and a lady on the way to Arroyo Sanitarium picked them up and brought them to the lower gate and told them if they would meet her there shortly after four oclock whe would take them into Oakland. They were here about 45 minutes. This evening it rained but that was alright as the folks were home and all was well for the day. I am so thankful.

Thur. Jan. 14. Bro. Davey and wife brought Sis. Mary Jones and Gertrude and Jim out today. They administered to me. Had a real nice visit altho the weather was cold.

Fri. Jan 15. Real heavy rain during the night but clearing thru the day.

Sat. Jan 16. Unsettled.

Sun. Jan. 17. Some cloudy but mostly sunny today all patients happy over the change for nice weather.

Mon. Jan 18. Clear today.

Tue. Jan. 19. Another nice day. John Romeos brought Gertrude her Mother and Mr. Wheeler out to see me in the morning. I didn't see John as he had tire trouble on the way out and went back to Livermore to buy a used one to keep him going for awhile. He isn't running the Cafe any more and hasn't found any work to do yet. He met some Veterans he knew in Livermore so didn't get back here until after visiting hours. It clouded up while they were here like it was going to rain but it didn't.

Wed. Jan 20. Nice today but cool.

Thur. " 21. " " " "

Fri. " 22. Mr. Johnson who lives in our house brought Gertrude and her Mother out to see me this afternoon and they stayed until five oclock.

Sat. Jan. 23. Nice and sunny today but cool inside here. I guess it was warm outside in the sun tho.

Sun. Jan. 24. Nice Sunny day today. Etchegorrys brought Gertrude and her Mother out today. Dorothy stayed at Lorna Evans and Pop went to see a sick Lodge member.

Mon. Jan. 25

Tue. Jan 26. Weather unsettled.

Wed. Jan 27. Nice today had some entertainers from Alameda in the evening all musical some singing.

Thur. Jan 28. Unsettled.

Fri. Jan 29. Cold today. John brought Gertrude and her Mother out this morning and we had a nice visit till one oclock and then time was up. Slept about 1 1/2 hours.

Sat. Jan. 30 Unsettled.

Sun. Jan 31. Stormy plenty of rain and wind all day. Bro. Davey brought Gertrude and Sr. White and Bro. Fontano and Jim out to see me today. Sr. Davey is visiting their daughter down south. They administered to me. Bro. Davey annointing and Bro. Fontano seald the anointing.

Mon. Feb. 1. Unsettled today rain mixed with snow and cold.

Tue. Feb 2. Ground hog day. The ground around the hospital had a slight covering of snow at daybreak also a slight fall of snow but the sun started to shine before nine oclock.

Tue. Feb. 2

Wed. Feb. 3 Entertainment in the Evening.

Thur. Feb. 4. John brought Gertrude her Mother and Mrs. Hyner out to see me. Mrs. Hayner brought me some beads to string. Also some chocolate and a jar of Jam. Rained today. Ent. in the Eve.

Fri. Feb. 5. Unsettled.

Sat. Feb. 6. Rained.

Sunday. Feb. 7. Weather cloudy no sun no rain. Bro. Graves brought Bro. and Sis. Asa Evans and Gertrude out to see me today. They left early because Bro. Graves wanted to get home before dark.

Mon. Feb. 8. Started raining early this morning. Rained most of the day.

Tue. Feb. 9

Wed. Feb. 10. Unsettled all day.

Thur. Feb. 11. Clear today but cool. Sun real bright.

Fri. Feb. 12. Sunny morning. Nice all day.

Sat. Feb. 13. Cloudy and cold morning. Warmed up just a little in the aft. About 10:10 Mr. and Mrs. Pembroke from Menlo Park called in for about 10 minutes they were on their way home from Patterson.

Sun. Feb. 14. Sterling Aldridge and his wife brought Gertrude and Dorothy out to see me. They had to leave at 5 oclock as he had to get back to church. Weather clear but cold. Sat out on the platform for awhile with Dorothy.

Mon. Feb. 15. Weather unsettled. Rained during the night here and snowed on Mt. Diablo and the higher hills up the canyon.

Tue. Feb. 16. Clear and cold.

Wed. Feb. 17. Clear and Cold also. John brought Gertrude and her mother out, also Mr. and Mrs. Harry Shields.

Thur. Feb 18. Clear and cold in the morning.

Fri. Feb. 19. Clear and cool. Entertainment by some folks from Berkeley. on Platform.

Sat. Feb. 20. Another sunny day. Mr. Lund and his wife brought Gertrude and her Mother out to see me today. Dorothy stayed at A. Evans.

Sun. Feb. 21. Sunny and cool again today. No visitors. Some ladies and girls passed thru and gave us candy in rememberance of Washingtons birthday which is tomorrow.

Mon. Feb. 22. Washingtons 200 anniversary today. Sun rose clear and looks like we'll have a nice day.

Tue. Feb. 23. Sunny in the morning but cloudy during the day.

Wed. Feb. 24. Same as Tuesday but cloudier. John brought Gertrude her Mother and Ruth out to see me had a nice visit.

Thur. Feb. 25. Clear today and starting to warm up.

Fri. Feb. 26. Clear and warm. First real warm day of the year. Had to throw a couple of covers off. Had four on so that left two and that was plenty.

Sat. Feb. 27. Clear and worm morning. Ther. in Dr. Lightfoots office registered 72 at 8:30 A.M. Nice all day.

Sun. Feb. 28. Sun rose nice and clear and stayed so until about two oclock then a fog rolled in and kept it cool all the rest of the day. Bro. Davey and one of his daughters and her husband and Bro. Phillips and his wife and Gertrude came out to see me. Bro. Davey brought them. The daughter was just married a short time ago. Dorothy stayed at the machine with Leone another of Bro. Daveys daughters. Bro. Phillips and Bro. Davey administered to me and my temperature dropped down 7/10 of a degree when taken at 7 P.M. Was 99.6 the night before and dropped to 98.9 tonight. It sure shows that the laying on of hands anointing with oil by those having authority and the prayers of the faithful will save the sick.

Mon. Feb. 29. Weather Fair. Temp at night 99.

Tue. Mar. 1. Temp 98.6 Weather Fair and cool.

Wed. Mar. 2. Temp up to 99 again. Weather cool.

Thur. Mar. 3. Temp 99.4. Weather cool sky hazy.

Fri. Mar 4. Temp 99.6 Weather not so cool.

Sat. Mar. 5. Weather cool and hazy in morning clear and warm in the afternoon and evening. Temp. ?

Sun. Mar. 6. Nice warm day today. Evan, Ruth, Tom, Mother Mills, Gertrude and Dorothy came to see me in the morning. Gertrude got a permit for Dorothy and I went out on the lawn and visited with all of them. Temp. dropped to 99.4.

Mon. Mar. 7. My 40th Birthday. John brought Gertrude her Mother and Shelley one of our neighbors out to see me. Gertrude brought a pie and Shelly some ice cream for my birthday. Mother gave me some money to buy anything I like with. Weather warm and nice. Joe sent me a large box of stationery and Mrs. Hayner some Chocolate bars and mints.

Tue. Mar 8. Clouded up today and finally rained in the afternoon.

Wed. Mar 9. Cloudy in the morning but broke up as the day began to close but didn't clear altogether.

Thur. Mar 10

Fri. Mar. 11

Sat. Mar. 12. Slightly cloudy each day Sun breaking thru sometimes.

Sunday Mar. 13. Unsettled but did not rain some sunshing during afternoon. Negro orchestra from S.F. entertained us at three oclock. No visitors.

Mon. Mar. 14. Rained early this morning. Had another Xray taken this morning. Just took one exposure this time. When I came here and in July and November 1931 they took two. Rainbow up the canyoon in the evening.

Tue. Mar. 15. Cloudy and foggy in the morning and more or less all day. Some times the sun managed to get thru but rather cool. Had to put my socks on the keep my feet warm.

Wed. Mar. 16

Thur. Mar 17.

Fri Mar. 18. Drifting clouds

Sat. Mar. 19. Rained in early morning. 8 AM still raining. No rain in P.M.

Sun. Mar. 10. Nice day. Etchegorrys brought Gertrude and her Mother and Dad out to see me. They had to leave early as Es. had a wedding supper to attend and so they left at five oclock.

Mon. Mar 21. Nice day 1st of Spring.

Tue. Mar. 22. Nice day.

Wed. Mar. 23. Little cloudy.

Thur. Mar. 24. Cloudy and rained in the morning.

Fri. Mar 25. Big surprise today. Bro. Davey brought Gertrude, Pres. Macdonald and Bro. and Sis. Shields out to see me. I had no idea they were coming as Gertrude and Dorothy had gone to S.F. Tuesday to spend the balance of the week with Ruth and I wasn't expecting to see anyone before Sunday. Real nice day.

Sat. Mar. 26. Another nice day turned out real warm. Just a slight breeze this eve.

Sun. Mar. 27. Easter Sun. John brought Gertrude, her mother, and Mrs. King out to see me. Pop stayed at Kings with Mr. King because he had a cold. They got a pass for Dorothy and I went out on the lawn and sat in the shadow of a Toyon Bush and we visited there. They only stayed an hour as Mrs. King had to get back to look after her chicks and John wanted to get back as his bro Nick is very sick at Colfax and he wanted to be home in case of a call to go there.

Mon. Mar. 28. Rained this morning and was clear and cloudy on and off thru the day. On acc. of rain King couldn't do some work on his chicken ranch so he phoned Gertrude to come out to his place on the car and he would bring her out to see me so we had another short visit today.

Tue. Mar. 29. Slightly cloudy today but not cold.

Wed. Mar. 30. Real nice day today. Sun all day.

Thur. Mar. 31. Real warm in the morning continued nice all day.

Fri. Apr. 1. Foggy in the morning until about nine oclock then it cleared and remained nice until evening. John brought Gertrude, her Mother and Mr. and Mrs. Searle members of the church from Salt Lake visiting them. Bro. Searle administered to me. Temp. came down a little.

Sat. Apr. 2. Weather unsettled sometimes cloudy sometimes sunny.

Sun. Apr. 3. Weather sunny and cloudy all day. No visitors.

Mon. Apr. 4

Tue. Apr. 5

Wed. Apr. 6 Weather clear and cool especially at night had to use four blankets. Last year this time only two. Forgot to write on Mar. 29 my Bunkie John D. Gorman moved to the first cubicle in the ward to bed #2 so he could have a bookshelf. The shelves are hung on walls that are really partitions as they do not go to the ceiling. The ward is divided in sections of three cubicles each so the dividing walls of each section go to the ceiling so it is impossible to hook the shelves on them, so there are two beds in each section that can't have shelves and he was in one of those beds.

Thur. Apr. 7. Clear and cool today. Jim Kuhl brought Gertrude out to see me today and she had him pick up Bro. Evans who has the gift of Healing and he gave me a wonderful blessing rebucking and commanding the disease in the name of Deity to remove from my body. They just stayed for the morning visiting period.

Friday Apr. 8. Jim Calder brought Sr. White out to see me this A.M. Had a School Orchestra entertaiment also. Weather Clear and warm.

Sat. Apr. 9. Weather real nice. Joe came to see me at Eleven oclock and stayed until noon and had dinner in the dining room and then left. He gave me another three months subscription to the Post Engineer. Aft. Cloudy.

Sun. Apr. 10. Weather nice A.M. clear and warm. Bros. James Sharp, Kenneth Evereet, and another who's name I have forgotten called in on their way home from the Livermore Sunday School that is in the Stake now. In the afternoon John brought Gertrude, her Mother and Dad and Mr. Wheeler out to see me. John drove Chevvie. They stayed until 5:30. Real nice warm evening.

Mon. Apr. 11. Nice warm day today. Srs. Ivy Breck and Gee and her sister came in to see me this morning. Sr. Gee's sister who married Ted Baer is living in Livermore at present as Ted is working in the Skaggs store there.

Tue. Apr. 12. Sunny today but cool. Real cool in the evening.

Wed. Apr. 13 Sunny and cloudy rather cool. Clouded up and rained in the aft. Had an orchestra play for us about four oclock.

Thur. Apr. 14. Sunny all day but not very warm.

Fri. Apr. 15. Sunny morning but clouding toward Eve.

Sat. Apr. 16. Rained early this morning.

Sun. Apr. 17. Clear and cool all day. Entertainment broadcast from hall in afternoon. Was to be from platform but too cold. No Visitors.

Mon. Apr. 18. Morning sunny but cool all day.

Tue. Apr. 19. Wind blew heavily most all night blowing in heavy clouds some rain during the day. Cold all day. At 12:30 they moved my bunkie Cris Smirniotakas (he comes from Greece) to the three bed ward on the other side of the hall. He has an ulcerated throat and they say it will be handier to treat him there.

Wed. Apr. 20. Weather cold and cloudy rain morn and evening.

Thurs. Apr. 21. Clear and cold morning. Shortly after three oclock Gertrude and John came in they had been to San Jose and Sunnyvale airport to see if he could get permits for his peanut wagon for different special occasions. He left Gertrude here while he went to Livermore and Pleasanton so she was able to stay until after five oclock.

Fri. Apr. 22. Weather cool.

Sat. Apr. 23. Weather cool and rainy.

Sun. Apr. 24. Weather still cold and rain in the morning clearing in the afternoon.

Mon. Apr. 25. Unsettled.

Tue. Apr. 26. Unsettled rained.

Wed. Apr. 27. Unsettled.

Thur. Apr. 28. Little warmer today. Had some entertainment on the platform in the afternoon. Apr. 21 they moved the patient from bed 18 in with me as his bunkie was a Phillipine and another was coming in so they wanted to put them together. O. Ness my new bunkie has been here 7 months. Home at Pt. Arena Calif.

Fri. Apr. 29. Unsettled cold.

Sat. Apr. 30. Unsettled cold rain.

Sun. May 1. Unsettled cold rain.

Mon. May 2. Unsettled cold rain. Bro. Davey and wife brought Gertrude and Bro. and Sis. Evans out to see me. Bros. Davey and Evans Administered to me. Bro. Evans fasted and I did also so as to receive maximum benefit from the blessing.

Tue. May 3. Unsettled weather cold.

Wed. May 4 Unsettled weather cold.

Thur. May 5. Sunny morning. In the aft. John brought out his Sister, Gertrude, and her mother, and Roy Moore also came in he had been doing some piano work in Livermore. Mother Eccles leaves tomorrow to visit the folks in Salt Lake and Bountiful.

Fri. May 7. Slightly cloudy today but warmer. Entertainment in the evening from Berkeley.

Sat. May 7. Cloudy looks like it is trying to rain.

Sun. May 8. Clouds cleared away nice warm day. John got a friend of his to drive Gertrude her Dad and Dorothy out in the afternoon. Uncle Jimmy Bewley an old friend of mine and related to Evan by marriage the reason I call him uncle came also. Bro. Ted Baer who is working for Skaggs in Livermore came in also. I was glad to see them all. Dorothy came up on the lawn and I visited with her but not for long as my temp. has been running high and I was afraid of making it worse.

Mon. May 9

Tue. May 10

Wed May 11

Thur May 12. Weather fair all days fog some mornings.

Fri. May 13. Weather fair slightly hazy but sunny all day and warm. Expected to see the Dirigible Akron as the Commanding Officer here sent a request for them to fly over the hospital but they didn't.

Sat. May 14. Clear but windy all day increasing towards evening.


Sun. May 15. Clear and warm windy at sunset. No Visitors.

Mon. May 16. Warm all day.

Tue. May 17. Cool all day and foggy. Moved into Room again #42 this time on acct. of running high temp. at night.

Wed. May 18. Cloudy today but broken up. Saw the Dirigible Akron on its return trip from Fresno and Stockton to Sunnyvale, passed about four miles away.

Thurs. May 19. Cloudy. Johns neighbor brought Gertrude and Bro. Ed. Evans out to see me today and Bro Evans administered to me and also rubbed my back and chest with oil.

Fri. May 20. Unsettled today also rain. Rained thru the night also.

Sat. May 21. Unsettled rained.

Sun. May 22. Nice and clear all day but windy afternoon. Mrs. Emmons whose husband is here also brought Gertrude out today and we had a nice visit all alone in the room.

Mon. May 23. Real summer day today sun shone all day and no severe wind.

Tue. May 24. Same as Mon.

Wed. May 25. Clear and windy morning aft less wind and real warm.

Thur. May 26. Real warm again today. John Romeos brought Gertrude and Ruth out to see me. They could only stay an hour but we enjoyed it.

Fri. May 27. Windy and cooler cloudy or foggy at night.

Sta. May 28. Cloudy all day.

Sunday May 29. Rained during the night and still cloudy today. Johns neighbor Mrs. Heeler brought Gertrude and her Mother out to see me. They got here at 5:45 and stayed until six.

Mon. May 30. Memorial Day, unsettled and rainy.

Tue. May 31. Rained during the night. Morning cloudy. Cloudy all day.

Wed. June 1. Cloudy all day. Sunday May 29 Ted Baer and his Dad and Brother Leon came in to see me about 3:30.

Thur. June 2. Cloudy today.

Fri. June 3. Real nice and sunny this morning.

Sat. June. 4. Real summer day.

Sun. June 5. Clear but cooler. Johns neighbor Dena Keeler brought Gertrude out in the afternoon and she stayed the full visiting period three hours.

Mon. Ju. 6. Clear and Warm.

Tue. Jun. 7. Clear and Warm

Wed. Ju. 8. Clear and Warm. Dena Keeler brought Gertrude and her mother out. They planned to come for both visiting periods but had trouble with Chevvie. The spark coil broke loose and the distributer points were worn out and they had to get new ones put in, and also get the carburetter cleaned so they didn't get here until afternoon.

Thur. Ju. 9. Clear and warm all day.

Fri. Jn. 10. Clear but windy and cool all day.

Sat. Ju. 11. Morning foggy early but sunny towards noon and so for the rest of the day cool.

Sun. Ju. 12. Foggy but clearing at nine oclock. Dena Keeler brought Gertrude and her mother and Dad also Dorothy and her boy out. The youngsters stayed in Chevvie. They came in the morning and stayed for the afternoon too.

Mon. Ju. 13. Weather cloudy and cool little sunshine.

Tue. Ju. 14. Rained during the night cool all day.

Wed. Ju. 15. Dena Keeler got a boyfriend to bring Gertrude and her Mother out Dorothy and Denas youngster stayed in the machine. They came back in the afternoon too. While they were here in the morning Ruth, Jerusha, Johnny her husband and Martin Vroman a cousin to Jerusha came in to see me they stayed about an hour.

Thur. Ju. 16. Foggy morning clearing towards evening.

Fri. Ju. 17. Weather cool. Some wind.

Sat. Ju. 18. Clear windy and cool.

Sun. Ju. 19. Mr. and Mrs. Curtis brought Gertrude out in the morning and then took Dorothy with them on a picnic. They came in and visited while in the aft.

Mon. Ju. 20. Real warm today. Clear all day.

Tue. Ju. 21. Cooler today but not much, wind blew some but not hard. Sunny all day.

Wed. Ju. 22. Warm all day. Dena ahd her friend Joe Smith brought Gertrude and her Mother out to see me they stayed for both visiting periods.

Thur. Ju. 23. Weather really hot today.

Fri. Ju. 24. Cooler.

Sta. Ju. 25. Cool.

Sun. Ju. 26. Real foggy this morning and cold but warmer and sunny in the afternoon. Dena and her friend Joe Smith brought Gertrude and her folks and Dorothy out in his machine they stayed for both visiting periods. In the aft. my brother Joe came in and stayed about an hour. Bros. Ted Baer and Elwin Bagley and their wives came in in the aft. also Elwin has just returned from a mission to S. America. B. Ayres.

Mon. Ju. 27. Weather Sunny but windy. Warm.

Tue. Ju. 28. Clear and Warm.

Wed. Ju. 29. Clear and extra warm.

Thur. Ju. 29. Clear and extra warm. Dena Keeler brought Gertrude and her Mother out also Dorothy, she stayed in the machine they also took her and Dena's youngster down to the creek to wade.

Fri. Jul 1. Weather just right today not too hot not too cold and not too much wind.

Sat. Ju. 2. Weather still nice.

Sun. Ju.l 3. Weather warm some wind. Mrs. Emmous brought Gertrude out in the morning then she went to Ted Baer's for dinner and he and his dad brought her back in the afternoon.

Mon. Jul 4. Sun came up real nice this morning and acts like it will be a warm day. Real nice all day cool night so could sleep good.

Tue. Jul 5. Sunny and warm.

Wed. Jul 6. Clear and Warm. Dena brought Gertrude and her Mother and Mr. Wheeler out to see me. Dorothy stayed in the Machine.

Thur. Jul 7. Hot today.

Fri. Jul 8. Hot today.

Sat. Jul 9. Cooler. John Romeos brought Gertrude out they were here just about twenty minutes to one. He was looking up a celebration to be held at Maraga Junct. and thought it was around Castro Valley and means they were that close they ran in for those few minutes. Dorothy stayed in the machine.

Sun. Jul 10. Dena brought Gertrude and Dorothy out in the afternoon. Dot stayed in the machine so did Dena. Weather cooler.

Mon. Jul. 11. Weather extra cool today. Cloudy eve.

Tue. Jul 12. Weather cool. Xray taken today.

Wed. Jul 13. Little warmer today. Windy. Dena brought Gert. and her Mother out. Dot at Ruths.

Thur. Jul 14. Warmer but some wind.

Fri. Jul. 15. Nice day.

Sat. Jul 16. Nice day.

Sun. Jul 17. Windy and cool also cloudy. Quite miserable. Dena and her friend Joe Smith brought Gert. out in Chevvie for both visiting periods. In the aft. Mrs. Hayner and two lady friends came in and stayed awhile.

Mon. Jul 18. Real cold. Foggy and windy all day. Some of the folks around here wore overcoats.

Tue. Jul 19. Sun rose clear and weather warmed up real nice summer day clear sunset.

Wed. Jul 20. Another warm day clear sunset. Al Eva Dueballs Husband came in to see me this aft.

Thur. Jul 21. Warm today all day cooling at night acct fog around the bay.

Fri. Jul 22. Windy but fairly warm. Dena brought Gertrude and Dorothy out. In the aft. Gertrude got a pass for Dorothy and I had the orderly wheel me out on the platform to visit with her. Stayed there about an hour.

Sat. Jul 23. Warmer today.

Sun. Jul 24. Cooler again but clear. Windy. Dena and Joe brought Gertrude and her folks out in Chevvie. Dorothy stayed in the machine. Pop Eccles administered to me.

Mon. Jul 25. Warmer during the day but cool and windy at night.

Tue. Jul. 26. Warm all day.

Wed. Jul 27. Little cooler today. Esp. towards eve.

Thur. Jul 28. Warm today. Dena brought Gertrude and her Mother out today for both visits.

Fri. Jul. 29. Cooler today windy most of the time getting real strong in the eve.

Sat. Jul 30. Little warmer but quite windy.

Sun. Jul. 31. Bro and Sis. Bowerbank brought Gertrude and Dorothy out Dot. stayed in the machine. They came in the afternoon. Clear and warm slight wind but not disagreeable. Also Bro. Searle. He and B. ad. to me.

Mon. Aug 1. Real warm.

Tue. Aug 2. Little cooler but didn't need any covers all day.

Wed. Aug. 3. Bro. E. Evans and wife brought Gertrude and Bro. Searle out today. Bro. Searle and Evans administered to me. Dot. stayed in the machine. Rec. a letter from Ruth.

Thur. Aug 4. Warm today some wind but not bad. Red. a letter from Gert. Harman.

Fri. Aug 5. Warm today also received ball stropper I sent for about three weeks ago.

Sat. Aug. 6. Warm and Windy.

Sun. Aug 7. Foggy in the A.M. clearing later. Dena brought Gertrude her mother and Dad out to see me. also a young fellow friend of Dena. They came for the aft. visit and stayed until six oclock. Gerts. Dad administered to me again.

Mon. Aug 8. Cool today and windy all day. Had to get out my bed jacket that I had put away in the locker.

Tue. Aug. 9. Still cool and windy.

Wed. Aug. 10. Real strong wind all night and windy all day still cool.

Thur. Aug 11. Warm today not much wind.

Fri. Aug 12. Warm today.

Sat. Aug 13. Still warm today slightly cooler in the eve.

Sun. Aug 14. Real windy today all day. John Romeos got a young fellow to drive Gertrude and her Mother and Dad out to see me in the aft. Dad administered to me.

Mon. Aug 15. Not so windy and warmer today.

Tue. Aug 16. About the same as yesterday.

Wed. Aug 17. Nice day today not too hot and not too cold.

Thur. Aug 18. Warmer today 85 in ward.

Fri. Aug 19. Not so warm but plenty warm enough.

Sat. Aug 20. About the same as yesterday. Windy evening.

Sun. Aug 21. Warm today but windy in the afternoon. Leon Baer brought the folks out in Chevvie. He went to visit his bro. Ted in Livermore while Gertrude her Mother and Dad came to see me in the A.M. Dot stayed at the Hostess House. In the aft. Gertrude got a pass for Dot and we visited out on the platform for an hour. Pop administered to me again.

Mon. Aug 22. Warm today real warm evening.

Tue. Aug 23. Hot today. Not much wind.

Wed. Aug 24. Still hot was hot all night. no covers.

Thur. Aug 25. Cooler today pretty good wind blowing.

Friday 26. Morning foggy plenty cool warmed up thru the day. John R. brought Gertrude and Mr. Wheeler out in the morning they stayed about an hour.

Sat. Aug 27. Warmer today all day.

Sunday Aug 28 Warm some wind. John Rs friend Charles Wakely brought Gertrude her Mother and Dad out to see me Dorothy stayed in the machine. Dad administered to me again.

Mon. Aug 29. Nice day not too hot or cold. Henry White and his wife and Jim Calder came out to see me.

Tue. Aug 30. Another nice day.

Wed. Aug 31. Real warm today. Charlie brought Gertrude and her Mother out to see me today in the afternoon.

Thur. Sept. 1. Hot today couldn't get cool.

Fri. Sept. 2. Hot today also not much wind.

Sat. Sept 3. Still Hot some breeze but its hot too.

Sat. Sept 3. Hot weather still on.

Sun. Sept 4. Still having hot weather. Charles brought Gertrude and Dorothy out for both visits. In the aft. I went out on the platform and visited with Dorothy for about an hour.

Mon. Sept 5. Hot today. Labor Day. Ruth visited Joe at Modesto and they both came to see me in the morning and returned for dinner.

Tue. Sept 6. Hot today. Foggy morning but warmed up during the day.

Wed. Sept. 7. Foggy morn. but warmed up early. Roy Moore and wife came to see me and brought Gertrude with them they got here about four thirty.

Thur. Sept. 8. Another hot day. Foggy towards Mt. Diablo early morning but sure warmed up during the day.

Fri. Sept 9. Hot all day.

Sat. Sept. 10. Warm all night but cooler day then yesterday no covers.

Sun. Sept 11 Foggy morning cool all day. Chas. W. brought Gertrude and Dorothy out. Dot stayed in the machine today as we don't like to ask for a pass for her too often. Afternoon warmed up pretty good.

Mon. Sept. 12. Warmer today light fog in early morning but clearing later.

Tue. Sept 13. About the same as yesterday. Mrs. Zerker Dietition on this ward left for New Mexico to be chief dietition there.

Wed. SEpt 14. Hot today all day no covers.

Thur. Sept 15. Cooler today but not too cool.

Fri. Sept 16. Still cool.

Sat. Sept. 17. Got quite cool during the night. Warmed up during the day and was quite nice in the aft.

Sun. Sept 18. Nice day but a little windy. Charlie took Gertrude and her folks and Dorothy out to Kings as they were invited there for dinner and while dinner was preparing her brought Gertrude her dad and Dorothy out to see me. Gertrude got a pass for Dorothy and the orderly (Jim Keeler) wheeled me out on the grass so I could visit with her. There was an entertainment on so we saw that also. They had to leave at five oclock to get back to Kings for dinner at six. Pop administered to me again.

Monday Sept 19, Warm today, just right.

Tue. Sept 20. Warm today. Started foggy in morning but cleared early. Today was Gertrudes birthday and John Romeos brought she and her Mother out to see me in the A.M. They had tire trouble so their visit was cut short but we enjoyed it.

Wed. Sept 21. Moderate weather.

Thur. Sept. 22. About the same as yesterday.

Fri. Sept 23. Rather warm today almost uncomfortable.

Sat. Sept 24. Slightly cooler today.

Sun. Sept 25. Warmed up a little today but the wind blew quite hard. Charles brought Gertrude and Dorothy out. Dorothy had Lorna Evans visiting her and they stayed in the machine. Gertrudes Mother and Dad went to Sacramento to see Mrs. Maddock.

Mon. Sept. 26. Weather just right today.

Tue. Sept. 27. Same as yesterday.

Wed. Sept. 28. About the same nice warm day.

Thur. Sept 29. Got extra warm today almost on the hot side. Eve was still warm and stayed warm well into the night.

Fri. Sept 20. Today was our wedding ann. 15 years. John Romeos brought Gertrude her Mother and Mr. Wheeler out to see me. Warm Day not much wind.

Sat. Oct. 1. Warmer today then yesterday.

Sun. Oct. 2. Charlie brought Gertrude Her Mother and dad out to see me in the afternoon and while they were here Brothers Ted Baer, Livermore and Glen Gee of Oak. came in and a few minutes later Dean Ursenback who used to live in Oakland but is now at Fresno came in. They administered to me that I will be made well again. Warm today. Little foggy early morning.

Mon. Oct. 3. Warm today foggy A.M. but cleared early.

Tue. Oct. 4. About the same as Monday.

Wed. Oct 5. Warm today.

Thurs. Oct. 6. About the same as yesterday.

Fri. Oct. 7. Bro. Davey brought Gertrude and Bro and Sist. Shields and Bro Searle out to see me today. The Brethern administered to me. I had been praying for someone to come and administer to me and did not expect anyone before Sunday but the Lord did not wait that long. I am so thankful. Their visit was so unexpected. Rather cool and unsettled today looks like rain soon.

Sat. Oct. 8. Foggy morning but clearing later warm during the day and evening.

Sun. Oct. 9. Charles brought Gertrude and her Mother out Pop had a cold and stayed home to get rid of it. Dorothy stayed in the machine. Warm today.

Mon. Oct. 10. Sis. Watts and Aldridge and Gertrude came to see me. It was a surprise visit. They told me the Ward was fasting for me to get well. Real nice day today warm and sunny.

Tue. Oct 11. Warm today.

Wed. Oct 12. Bro and Sis Carr brought Gertrude and Bro Phillips out. Bro Carr and Phillips administered to me. Later after they left Bro. and Sis Chadwick and Sis Ivy Breck came in for awhile. Foggy this morning but clearing later and warm.

Wed. Oct 12. Warm

Thurs Oct 13. Warm

Fri. Oct. 14. Warm

Sat. Oct. 15 Low fog morning cloudy during day but warm.

Sun. Oct. 16. Chas. brought out Gert. and her Ma and Pa Dot stayed in the machine. Later Bros. Thatcher Sterling Aldridge and Sorensen came to see me and administered to me. Bro. Sorensen sealing. Weather clear but cool.

Mon. Oct. 17. Cool today but clear.

Tue. Oct. 18. About the same as yesterday.

Wed. Oct. 19. Little warmer today.

Thur. Oct. 20. Nice day today some wind but clear and not cold. John Romeos brought Gertrude and her Mother out to see me.

Fri Oct 21. Warm and clear today.

at. Oct. 22. Unsettled rained in the aft. during rest period.

Sun. Oct. 23. Chas. brought Gertrude and her folks out to see me in the afternoon. Dot. stayed in the car. Joe and Nettie came in during the morning visiting hrs.

Mon. Oct. 24. Fair and warm.

Tue. Oct 25. John Romeos brought Gertrude and Ruth out to see me in the morning. In the afternoon Bros. Shields and Bagley came in and administered to me. Fair and warm.

Wed. 26. Warm today.

Thurs. Oct. 27. Warm

Fri. Oct. 28. Warm

Sat. Oct 29. Warm They say outside these days are nippy.

(Hadley died November 7, 1932.)

In the same notebook are other notes and and misc. information and records, some I will type out, others I will refer to as existing in the notebook.

At the front of the notebook are names and addresses, some crossed out. Many of the people listed here are mentioned in the Diary kept in this same notebook. I will list those that I recognize as family, or of other particular interest:

Ala. Sunday School, 1404 Park St.

Hayward Branch, Native Sons Hall, Hayward

Mother and Jim, 9012 Sunnyside St., Oakland, Calif. (crossed out)

Maude Heermance, 341 East 5th So. St., Salt Lake City, Utah

Miss Jennie E. Heermance, 59 Second St., Albany, N.Y. Birthday Sept 30, 1931--66

Mrs. H. G. Searle, 216 Fruit Ave., Salt Lake City

Fred Doxey,Savoy Hotel, 185 Bowery, N.Y.C.

J. Doxey, Santa Paula R.D. 2

J. G. Heermance, 915 Tenth St., Modesto, Calif. Bus. Ph. 804J Home 1334-R

James Calder, 5532 Edgerly, Oakland, Calif.

U.S.V.B. Compensation, No. C-1. 548,187., File no to be used when writing letters for

   reference, 42C S.F. 4298, Hospital #2595

Next appears to be auto records on maintenance, tires, etc.

Next, starting with a date of Jan. 1930 appears to be a record of his piano tuning accounts. Then disability payments and rent received.

Next is a record morning and evening of his temperature up until Oct. 30.

Next is some family information that I will type:

Charles Sedam Heermance Baptized in the Normanskill Creek N.Y. a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of L.D.S. 9:45 A.M. and confirmed at 9:55 A.M. Apr. 19, 1889 by Elder J. W. Summerhays of S.L.C. Baptized again in S.L.C.

I was born at 1 A.M. Monday, Mar. 7, 1892 (Hadley Russess Heermance). Blessed Thur. May 5, 1892, 5th Ward fast Meeting.

Mother born at Selkirk N.Y. near Henes Corners? Mother baptized in Church of J.C. of latter D.S. at Warm Springs Ut. Thur. Oct 29, 1891 by A.H. Woolley. Mother baptized again at San Jose Calif. July 4, 1909.

Next is a note listing Benj. Franklin's accomplishments

A Note about needed drawing materials

A list of books to send for

Business Opportunities

Books Read at U.S.V. Hospital, Livermore, Calif.

Dust and Sun

The Black Camel

Blood Royal Yates

The Santa Fe Trail

Life of Josephus

Inocents Abroad

Adventures in Archeology

The Tiger Woman

Least Known America

Santa Fe Trail

Maid at Arms Chambers

Flower of the North

Rogues in Clover P Wilde

"Utah" "The Land of Blossoming Valleys" --Geo. Wharton James

King Spruce - Holman Day

The tree days Terror - J.S. Fletcher

Lin McLean - Owen Wister

The Barrier - Rex Beach

The Planter - Herman Whitaker

The Handsome Man - Margaret Turnbull

Man Hunting in the Jungle - G. M. Dyott

Men Marooned - Geo. Marsh

The Melody of Death - Degar Wallace

Wild Animals of N.A.

The Am. Natural History - W. H. Hornaday

The Sea King - H. Sorbert

Savage Solomons - Kimbus

An American Tragedy Vo. 1 T. Dreiser

The practice and Science of Drawing - Harold Speed

Practical Graphic Rigures - Lutz

Evolution - Kellog

Applied Art - Lemos (Pacific Press Pub.)

How to draw funny pictures By E. C. Matthews

Jungle Paths and Inca Ruins - Wm. N. McGovern

Red Tiger Aventures in Yucatant Mexico - Phillips Russell

New Worlds to Conquer - Richard Halliburton

Ecuador ? by Mrs. Blair Niles

The Names of God or The Majestic order of Divine Self Revelation by Rev. Wm Pascoe Goard The Covenant Pub. Co. Ltd. 6, Buckingham Gate, London S.W.I.

The Vagabond Lover

Red Hell Duguid

Lessons on Tuberculoses and Consumption - Chas. E. Atkinson, M.D. Funk and Wagnalls Co. New York

More Addresses

Some notes on piano tuning

Trip expenses:

Exp. Salinas

Gas                                          .95

Thurs. May 12 Lunch  .50

            Dinner                        1.15

            Supper                         .85

Fri. May 13 Break                   .65

            Room               .75

            Garage                         .50

            Supper                         .45

Sat. May 14                             .30

            Break                           .40

            Dinner                         .45

            Supper                         .90

            Gas                              .82


Next an accounting of tithing

Some more piano accounts

End of little black notebook.

There is another notebook with notes about cars and motors; one with notes as Elder's Quorum President; and one with notes on scouting and other church meetings. There is also a composition book with "Hadley Heermance 3390 - 18th St." on the front; the first assignment is dated Feb. 2, 1905. All entries are school compositions. I am not typing any of these other notebooks. They are clearly readable as they are and I scanned them for family information. They have value in getting a feeling for the personality of the man who took the notes.

The following is a series of correspondence in the form of 4 letters:

May 3rd 1932

Dear Hadley. How are you. I would come and see long ago only I am sick myself, I am going to try and go to Salt Lake City leaving next Saturday morning.

            I am going to do baptism for Edgar if the authorities will let me and have him and George and Orville and Edith sealed to your mother through me. Will this be all right with you. I would come out and talk it over with you but I haven't been out--the house or yard for over a week.

            Hope you are doing well Hadley Dear and that you will soon be Home to your little bunch.

            With all my love to you just the same as ever although I haven't been able to come and see you. Ever and Always and Lovingly

                                                "Jim"                           Please answer right away,

                                    James Calder                          Love,

                                    c/o Mr. White                                     Jim

                                    5532 Edgerley St.,      Oakland

Oakland Calif

June 11th 32

My Dear Hadley

            I recd. your beautiful card this morning and I am always so glad to hear from you but I am truly sorry that you are not getting along faster. Although I hope now that the warm weather is coming on it will benefit you and that you will soon be home with your little family. I pray for you to Our Father in Heaven night and morning. I am answering your card so soon for the reason that I expect to go to the Hospital in a few days myself and I would not want it to come as a shock to you later. Every breath I took in Salt Lake City did me good and I improved wonderfully but since I came back to Oakland I am not so well again. Don't worry about me Hadley as it will be all right with me whichever way it goes. I am going for an operation. I would come out to see you but I can't drive the car, but I'll come as soon as ever I can. Keep up your courage Hadley Dear with Love as Ever from Jim. Write soon.

I let you know as soon as I can. Jim

Don't let anyone know I am going to the Hospital as I don't want anyone coming to see me till I get out. With Love Jim

Oakland, Calif.

Aug. 19th 32

My Dear Hadley

            I read your letter some time back, but was not in a position to answer it any sooner. I was glad to hear from you, and to know that you have my welfare at heart, and I can vouch for the same sentiment in my heart for you, and hope you'll soon be home. I got out of the Hospital last Saturday evening. Bro. and Sister White came and got me when he got home from work.

            I was operated on for ulcers of the stomach also for hernia and my appendix removed and all my teeth extracted, all in all a strenuous life. I barely crawled through the first operation but my Father in Heaven spared my life and I am now improving. Last Thursday the 11th first day out of bed I could not stand today I walk all over the yard and getting stronger every day, all the time I was in Hospital Sister White visited me twice a day and Henry every day when he was home. I have not heard from Ruth for at least 4 weeks, and if I did not have Bro. and Sister White to look after me the Lord alone knows what would have become of me. I had more visitors while in the Hospital than any other patient--(?) and Doctors and Nurses vied with each other to see who could do the most for me. They even told me they liked to do for me and believe me I got lots of little comforts that were not on the list.

            Well Hadley Dear I hope you are improving my hand is getting tired and shaky hope to hear from you soon and may the Lord Bless You.

            With Love as ever from


                        James Calder c/o Mr. White 5532 Edgerley St. Oakland

Hadley's copy of letter to Jim

            Your letter received this A.M. and glad to hear you are out of the hospital.

            You say if it had not been for Bro. and Sis White you don't know what would have become of you. Now Jim you know there are others who helped you and mother thru some trying circumstances to the extent of their ability and would have done so again if you had not written me that you didn't want any visitors until after you got out of the hospital and I was very much surprised to know that Ruth visited you after I told her. Gertrude and her folks would also have visited you if it had not been for your request. The day Gertrude and Dorothy were right at the hospital with Ruth and she told you they were downstairs you didn't express a desire to see them. Then too after I received your letter we began to get word thru people at church who knew all about you going to the hospital and what hospital and were very much surprised to learn that we, after being so close to you had very little information regarding your illness. Then it dawned on us that it appeared we were the visitors you did'nt want for some reason or another. We are all human beings and our feelings can be hurt the same as yours, and when things turned out that way, that we were the only ones told you did'nt want any visitors it sure hurt after all the years of our friendship.

            I hope you will tell the Whites about your request to me as there has been some unpleasant things said about us to other people of the church and I know they wouldn't have been said if they had this information.

            I am sorry I have to write this as I would rather talk it over and iron it out in that way as it is so easy to misconstrue meanings in a letter, but I think you will readily understand our position and that every thing wouldn't have been left up to Bro. and Sis. White if you had not made that request. Your quota of visitors also would have been larger.            

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