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Notary Loan Signing Agent Certification Training
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How to Become a Mobile Notary Loan Signing Agent


The only real requirements for performing notarized loan signings are to be a commissioned Notary Public in your state, and to know how to perform loan signings. You can become trained to perform loan signings in a number of ways. If you have a background in the industry you might already be familiar with the documents and how they need to be executed (signed). If you have close connections in the industry, or know a loan signing agent, they might be willing to coach you. You can learn by trial and error (not recommended, but it's been done). There are many training courses available.

Becoming Certified

There is a lot of confusion about being a certified loan signing agent. It is not required, but it is desired. Some of the confusion comes because you do need to be a commissioned Notary Public. That is different from being a certified loan signing agent. Also contributing to the confusion is the fact that some vendors of certification courses imply that you need to be certified in order to sell more courses.

There is no need to become certified if you're already experienced in performing loan signings. But if you're brand new, it's the quickest, least expensive way to start your new career and be actually working and making money. When you approach an escrow officer with little or no prior experience, you almost certainly need to be certified in order for them to trust you with assignments.

I offer a training course based on having personally trained new agents one-on-one. The course is written as if I'm right there beside you, personally coaching you.

As a summary, and just to be clear. You must be a commissioned Notary Public to perform loan signings. You do not have to be a certified loan signing agent, but it's a good idea if you're not already experienced, and will more than pay for itself in the increase of business.

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