Oram Genealogy & Family History Oram Genealogy & Family History Oram Genealogy and Family History Paul Russell Oram & Dorothy Ruth Heermance Dedicated to Paul & Dorothy Oram
Oram, Davis, Carman, Waggoner, Brooks, McCurdy, Vaughn, Rogers, Heermance, Smith, Cornwell, Albright, Eccles, Theckstone, Doxey, Woods

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Nancy Oram Family Tree

Oram Family Tree
This link will take you to a database uploaded from a genealogy software program where you will find a Name Index, Pedigrees, Family Groups, and a GEDCOM download. Includes the 16 major surname lines of: Oram, Davis, Carman, Waggoner, Brooks, McCurdy, Vaughn, Rogers, Heermance, Smith, Cornwell, Albright, Eccles, Theckstone, Doxey, Woods, plus further connected lines and some variations of the surnames.
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Oram Family History
A work in progress of family journals, details, oral histories, anecdotes, timelines, stories.
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Genealogy How-to Guide
Very basic Four-step Beginners Guide with useful tips and instructions for genealogists and family tree climbers. Where to start and how to proceed. Simple step-by-step help to find your roots. New and progressive guides to be added regularly.
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Genealogy Links and Resources
Another work in progress with a variety of charts, software and other resources for genealogists and family historians of every ability. New resources to be added regulary.
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Contact Information

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Business and Notary Public services.
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