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Notarizations for the Public

When you need a notarization, you can have me come to your home or office, or you can come to my office.
Please be prepared ahead of time by bringing your valid ID and having your document ready to sign.


In general the fee for notarizing a document is $10 per notarized signature. However, there are three kinds of fees that can apply:
The fee for a notarized signature, a mobile or traveling service fee, or a loan package signing fee.

If you come to my office for a notarization, there are no mobile or traveling fees. You will only be charged for the notarized signature(s), or if it is a loan package, the loan package signing fee.
Notarized signature fees are mandated by California state law as $10 per notarized signature.
If one person signs one document, the fee is $10.
If two people sign one document, the fee is $20.
If two people sign two documents, the fee is $40. etc.

If I come to your home, office, hospital bed, etc., the mobile service fee is usually $125, which includes all other fees; i.e. signature and loan package fees, unless unusual circumstances require otherwise.

If you have a loan package of closing papers, the loan package signing fee is usually $125, which includes all the other fees, i.e., mobile or travel service fees and individual signature fees, unless the package is unusually large, notary-intensive, or for some reason takes an unusually long time.

Valid ID

A major part of a notarization is documenting a person's ID. People usually present their valid driver's license or non-driver ID. It could also be a legal passport, U.S. military ID, or some other valid ID. Whatever the form of ID, it must be current or issued in the last five years, contain a photograph, a physical description, your signature, and a serial or other identifying number. I cannot use your birth certificate.
If you don't have proper ID, you can use the "sworn word of two credible identifying witnesses. " This would be two individuals who personally know you and execute a sworn affidavit to that fact. I then document their valid identification and they sign and thumbprint my Notary Journal. They cannot be financially involved or named in the document requiring notarization.

Document(s) to be Notarized

You will need to have the proper document, completed and ready to be notarized before you present it to me. By law I am not allowed to provide documents, or help you to choose, prepare, or fill out the document. I can only notarize it.
You will be signing the document in my presence, or, if you have previously signed it, you will be affirming to me that that is your signature.
Documents that need to be notarized usually have the wording for the notary certificate and seal at the bottom of the document. If not, I can provide a notary certificate and attach it to the document.

Signing Loan Documents

Most borrowers don't realize that they can have the Notary come to their home to help them sign all their paperwork. Title companies usually have borrowers come to their office, and fail to offer this option. You can ask that a Notary come to you, and you can request the Notary you want.
I have many repeat clients that ask for me specifically, even if the escrow officer hasn't yet worked with me. I have built my business on my reputation--giving sensitive, helpful service during signing sessions.

What a Notary Can and Can't Do

Many times notarizations become necessary during stressful times--hospitalizations, forgotten documents at the airport, etc. I am sensitive to this, and I try be as helpful as I possibly can within the law.
The laws are very specific about a Notary's duties. Being commissioned by the state, Notaries must strictly adhere to these laws or face having their commissions revoked, and/or fines, and/or imprisonment.
In general terms, here are some of the do's and don'ts.
*Notaries may not refuse services to anyone (with some rare exceptions).

*Notaries are prohibited from performaing any duties which may be construed as practicing law. This includes: the preparation, drafting, selection, or determination of the kind of document a client needs, or giving advice relating to any documents.

*Signers must personally appear before the Notary.

*Signers must be properly identified.

*Notaries may not notarize a document which is incomplete.

*Notaries may only notarize wills if recommended by an attorney.

*Notarizations must be dated on the day they are notarized, even though the document being notarized may have a different date. Predating or postdating a notarial certificate is actually a criminal offense.

The Process

I log your document information into my Notary Journal, and verify and record your ID. You sign my journal, and leave a right thumb print. I notarize your document(s). You pay me :). I give you a receipt. And hopefully we'll meet again the next time you need a document notarized. I try to give the personalized service you deserve to encourage a lasting professional relationship.

Successfully Notarizing the Ill or Elderly

If you are arranging a notarization for an ill or elderly person, there are some things you can be prepared for:
Many elderly people no longer have valid ID. The law still applies, and I cannot do the notarization until they do. Please arrange ahead of time for them to obtain proper ID, or for two credible witnesses, not named in the document or standing to gain financially from the execution of the document.
The law also states that I must determine that the signer is willing to sign the document, has an understanding of what they are signing, and is not being pressured to sign.
I determine this by communicating with the signer. This can simply be nods of the head in response to my questions. But the signer has to be conscious, and has to be able to sign with little or no assistance.
This can be a challenge with elderly or ill signers. If you discuss your specific circumstances with me before I arrive, we can usually determine what arrangments need to made, making the process less stressful for everyone, resulting in a successful notarization.

Document Signing Services for Title Companies, Lenders, Brokers, Realtors, etc.

I am experienced, professional, and have successfully completed hundreds of loan package signings. At the end of this section is a partial list of my clients and references.

Why Use Me For Your Signings

Borrowers often request me by name, and have even written my escrow officers thank-you letters and letters of recommendation after a signing session.
I think the reason they do this is because I recognize that signing loan papers can be very stressful, and I try to make them comfortable with the process.
On several occasions I have been able to save a loan that the borrowers weren't entirely happy with.
I do all I can to explain the paperwork in general terms, without crossing over the line and giving inappropriate advice.


Signings in your office, $80.
Accomodation signings in your office for an outside escrow officer, $100.
Signings at borrower's location, $125 (slightly more if over 30 miles).

Partial List of Clients

Fidelity National Title
Placer Title
Chase Manhattan
Wells Fargo
Bank of America
World Savings
Washington Mutual
Old Republic
West One Mortgage
Land Home Financial
Mount Diablo Realty
Pacific Gas & Electric

No Middle Person

I work directly for you. There is no signing service company between us relaying messages back and forth or causing delays. I have worked hard to build lasting relationships with the professionals I work with. When I become familiar with your needs, you soon learn to expect and rely on the consistency and quality I pride my work on.

Become a Notary/Signing Agent

Home Certification Training

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Also available in my area, personal training and mentoring for the new notary or signing agent. Call me for a customized program. Tag along on a real signing for $60. If I personally train you, I will feel comfortable referring overload work to you that I can't handle.

Not a Notary Yet?

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