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Before I became a Signing Agent, I saw an ad like this:

"Make $80,000 a year as a Notary Loan Signing Agent!"

Of course I didn't fall for it. But something told me the potential was there. I knew if I could make even a small portion of that, it could be the source of income I needed. That was over ten years ago, and I can tell you that some signing agents are that successful. Most of us make less than that, but we do make a good living. Many of us have quit other jobs because we make more part time as loan signing agents than working full time at 9-to-5 jobs.

A few years ago when interest rates were at rock bottom, people were clamoring to refinance, and there was a real shortage of signing agents to do the closings. When the industry calmed down a bit, an interesting thing happened. The opportunists that became signing agents just to make a quick buck left in search of their next get-rich-quick project. The "rats jumped ship," so to speak. That means there is plenty of room for those who are serious about this real career opportunity.

Those of us who became signing agents for the right reasons have been consistently making a decent living over the years and enjoying the many benefits of running our own low-overhead business. And, once again, the industry is heating up. Depending on how much you are willing to work, you can set and reach your own income goals.

So hereís the math to get you thinking:

      If you did three signings a day at $125 (typical signing fee), five days a week, that would be $97,500 a year for part-time work.

      The reality is that some days I do five or six assignments close together, and other days I donít do any. You might want a few weeks off for vacation, too.

      But you can see the potential! It can develop into whatever you need it to be.

      To be absolutely honest, I haven't made over $65,000 in one year because I've always worked part time. I have made over $8,000 in some months, though. I've chosen to work part time and from home for a variety of personal reasons. I started this business while caring for my aging mother and homeschooling my children. It was exactly what we needed! And now I could never go back to working for someone else!

      I know there are many other men and women like me who need a good home-based income for their own personal reasons. You might want to consider that this easy-to-learn career could be a solution for you, just as it was for me.

      You can start this training even before you have your Notary commission from your state. The course/study guide explains in detail everything you need to know to become a loan signing agent. After studying the manual, there's a self-administered open-book test that's included with the course to test your readiness and knowledge. Why open-book? Because itís important you learn and remember the information, not just cram for a test. If you miss questions on the test, you go back and study what you missed until you know it. The whole process can take a few hours, or as long as you need. There is no expiration date for completing the course.

      Once you have completed the course, you are a certified loan signing agent, and have the right to use that fact in promoting yourself. Be sure to print it on your business cards and invoices. But most importantly, youíll have the confidence that comes with having a thorough knowledge of your responsibilities. The course materials will continue to serve you as a lasting resource and reference manual to refer to as new questions and situations arise.

    This is only career opportunity I know,
    with such a high income potential,
    that doesn't require a degree,
    and has a short training curve.

    So many people donít have the time or resources to return to school to learn a new career. This training comes to you at a very low cost, and with a better income potential than many careers that require a college degree.

What You'll Receive
    • Complete training in the convenience of your home written and developed by an experienced instructor (me).
    • Open-book final exam with no extra exam fee.
    • All the sample documents you need to practice with, plus exactly how to explain them to the signer.
    • Step-by-step guidance of exactly what to do and say while performing a signing.
    • Step-by-step instructions of how to start your business.
    • Information about a little-known tax exemption available only to Notaries Public.
    • How to get paying jobs when you donít yet have any experience.
    • How to bypass the signing agencies (that keep up to 75% for themselves)and develop your own clients with no middleman.
    • How to earn your edge over the competition.
    • The best ways to develop repeat business -- and much, much more!!

    This extensive and detailed course is written as if I'm right there beside you, coaching you all the way!
What are you waiting for?
    The sooner you receive your training materials, the sooner youíll be prepared to start your new career.

    If you're serious about starting a new home-based business and not just hoping to get rich quick, now is the best time to enter the industry. The "rats" have jumped ship and left the field open for those of us who are serious. I hope this training starts you off on a lucrative and fulfilling new career.

    The industry needs well-trained agents. That's you!

    This complete training has no hidden or added-on fees.
    Nowhere else will you be able to qualify for a new career so quickly, completely in the convenience of your own home - and for only

    Professionally-bound course delivered by Priority Mail

    Here's what one of my many happy customers had to say:

    "This package is amazing!
    I purchased two others, including the one that costs over $200,
    and this one wins hands down!"

    Some additional details:
    For $147.00 you'll get a professionally bound manual (not an e-book or CD), including a final exam, delivered by Priority Mail, usually shipped within hours of your order.

    The course contains 212 pages, including a final exam.

    PLEASE NOTE: You don't have to be a Notary Public to train for this career and become certified, so you can start training immediately. However, you do need to become a Notary Public before you can actually perform notarized loan signings. Becoming a Notary Public for your state is independent of this course. Also, most states allow loan signing agents to assist in closing loans, but not all of them do. Before you order this course, be sure to check and see if your state allows loan signing agents to assist in closing loans.

    Go to for instructions on how to become a Notary Public in every state.

    Professionally-bound course delivered by Priority Mail
    notary loan signing agent training and certification course