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Verbatim Transcription or Typing From Copy

Transcription from micro, mini, or standard cassette tape, reel-to-reel (court reporters), videotape, or digital sound files.
Clinical notes
Oral histories
Focus groups
Theses and Dissertations
Research notes
Reports of all kinds

My office is located in Concord, California. Most clients mail tapes, or e-mail files to me. I mail or e-mail the final document back.


Rates depend, of course, on the job. In general, I charge by the page. If the hard copy or tape is difficult, the page rate is higher.

My page rates range from $3 to $12. The lower end is for expertly-dictated, clear, good quality tapes, or easy-to-read hard copy with a reasonable turnaround time.

The higher end is for poor quality tapes, tapes with microphone interference or static, or recordings with more than two people talking in real time, making it difficult to identify and/or hear speakers.

Expedites are extra. Searching a tape for a particular section to be transcribed is extra if it takes longer than five minutes.

Corrections of my errors are always free. Edits and changes are charged by the hour.

Partial List of Clients

Various Court Reporting Firms
Hewlett Packard
Pacific Gas & Electric
US Army Corps of Engineers
UC Berkeley Regional Oral History Department
Various Attorneys
City of Fremont
Oakland Police Department
Oakland Unified School District
LDS Family History Libraries
California Environmental Trust
Contra Costa Historical Society

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Business Services

Office Management Consulting Services

With over 30 years of experience, I am often asked to set up, organize, and even maintain office systems. Some of the business services I offer on a consulting basis are:
Office Management
Office Organization
Assessing office personnel needs
Screening, interviewing and hiring personnel
Training personnel
Writing and producing operating procedures and job descriptions
Establishing filing systems

Management & Consulting Fees

My management and consulting fees are $60/hour, plus expenses.

Partial List of Clients

Pacific Gas & Electric Company
Mount Diablo Unified School District
Cygna Energy Services
Wahler & Associates
Danny Wells & Associates
Mount Diablo Realty

Other Business Services

Other business services: copywriting, web design, website maintenance, newsletter management, order fulfillment.

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